Atleast it's not us 10 headlines from the week

 So for fun just a quick run down of some other teams news. Not the good stuff either. Not to wollow in there problems but to make us feel better. Things in Detroit are better than we think right now. No I didn't provide links because this is all public and everywere. Sorry but the storys are abundant look them up, I'm lazy.

1. Washington Redskins name Rex Grossman starting QB. I guess Beck couldn't beat him out what does that say? Andrew Luck may as well plan on being shipped to Dan Snyders failure camp.

2 Colts QB Peyton Manning will likely be missing the 1st game atleast. His neck problems continue, Without Peyton the Colts look to Kerry Collins to pickup this offense and run it. Reggie Wayne has said he would rather it be Curtis Painter he feels the offense needs to be run by a QB who has been in the system awhile.

3. In other Colts news they hired Jim Tressel as game day consultant whatever that is. They also suspended him for 7 games. I guess on the count that he is still Jim Tressel.

4  Kansas Citys Breakout tight end from last season Tony Moeaki who was one of Cassels top targets was placed on IR. KC now needs to find someone who can step in and play TE for them with the preseason over.

5. Panthers have made Cam Newton the official starter for week one. Even though he was questionable atleast through the preseason Jimmy Claussen and Derrick Anderson didn't show enough for them not to start the #1 pick in the draft.

6. Denver Broncos starting QB is hands down Kyle Orton. Rumor has it Brady Quinn is his backup and Tim Tebows future is in question by some members in the front office.

7. Gronkowski family took a double hit this week. The Broncos cut former Lions TE Dan Gronkowski the same day the Dallas Cowboys cut FB Chris Gronkowski. I guess they will have to wait until another 50 Gronk kinds can play football before they have job security with the LA Gronkowskis.

8 Houston Texans sign WR Bryant Johnson. Thats right BJ now has the distinct honor of being showin up play after play by both Andre and Calvin Johnson. I wish him luck, He's gonna need it.

9. Titans have finally agreed to pay Chris Johnson so the hold out is over. For those keeping track he took 0 snaps in the new offense with his new QB. So as good as CJ2k is he is WAY behind the rest of the team.

10. Good old Buddy Ryan told his doctors to hold off on his cancer treatment. There is no way he is going to miss the Jets vs the Cowboys game. Well Buddy your the only one, Romo vs Sanchez does nothing for me but give me an urge to vomit.

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