Atleast it's not us 10 Headlines from the week

 I did this earlier and rather enjoyed it. So I thought I'd try another 10 headlines outside of Detroit.


1. Jaguars cut David Garrard 5 days before the season opener. Never fear Jags fans Del Rio has handed the reigns over to McCown. The McCown family is almost like the Manning family. They all play QB.

2. Matt Schaub is the only QB in the AFC south that will start week 1 this year and started week 1 last year. Not bad for a guy who is the most injury prone QB in the divison.

3. Peyton Mannings streak has sadly ended. Kerry Collins is set to start week one and like the the greatest NFL QBs of all time. Kerry Collins is also VERY old.

4. Randall Colb is the first player to get a return for a TD with the new rules. In the 1st game for that matter. Yup it certainly looks like they ruined kickoffs for everyone. If a rookie can do it on a kick he should have took a knee on. Logan, Hester and Cribbs better figure it out.

5. Dolphins released vetran running back Larry Johnson. In other news the Dolphins re sign vetran running back Larry Johnson. I don't have a smartass remark for that. It's just that stupid.

6. Albert Haynesworth was said to have told Deion Sanders he never should have taken that money. I'm thinking you should have atleast worked for it. I mean ok you regretted it but damn man do something instead of dragging your own name through the mud.

7. Patriots got Rob Gronkowski a new backup. They signed Dan Gronkowski to the team. Something tells me no one will mistake one for another. Nice to see Dan atleast gets to ride the bench behind family. Chris Gronkowski signed with the Colts so that might be intresting but sense he is a fullback. I am not betting on it.

8. Marcus Colston will miss atleast 3 weeks with a broken collar bone. Lucky for the Saints on a game winning drive they are willing to put it all on rookie Mark Ingram. Instead of Superbowl and league MVP Drew Brees.

9. Michael Lombardi has picked the Redskins to win the NFC east. This alone is a big reason while he is no longer qualified to work in the front office of and NFL team.

10. Former NFL QB, Turned minor league pitcher, turned UFL QB Pat White was cut again this week. It's amazing that so many Dolphins fans wanted him to start over Henne in the first place. Guess thats what happens when you are drunk on WildCat.

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