Why I am not afraid of the saints.

Don't get me wrong. The Saints are a great team with a legitimate chance of making it and winning the Super Bowl. The playoffs are insane and once you get to this level any team can win on any day. Just remember what happened to the Saints last year when they had to travel up to Seattle.

First off I don't think anyone wants to play the Lions in the playoffs. You never know what team is going to show up but one thing is certain. The Lions have the tools to put points up on the board, put offenses on their heels, and capable of spurts in the 2nd half if needed.

Keep in mind that when these two teams met earlier in the year the Lions were without Delmas and Suh among others. That game became a glaring example of how the Lions can lose their temper and take enough penalties that would keep the Packers from beating the Colts. Since that game the Lions have cleaned things up a bit and appear to have learned their lessons. We still see the occasional personal foul but nothing like it was that night in New Orleans. With all those issues going on the Lions were in that game in the 3rd qtr. A big play in our favor instead of a turnover and that game goes down to the wire.

The domed stadium is a nice advantage over teams like Green Bay and Chicago but the Lions are built for speed and should be able to feel comfortable on the turf. That is one thing that concerned me about a potential 5th seed was to be forced into the cold windy situation in New York were running the ball is essential.

Matt Stafford and the Lions offense are capable of putting up a ton of points on the Saints D. And don't be surprised if we see a pumped up offense just go in and hit the Saints right in the mouth. If this game turns into a shootout ... who knows? A timely interception from Phonz, big hit and forced fumble from Delmas, or if Avril is able to sneak behind Brees and knock the ball from his hand this game could easily change tones.

Guther will have our D asses all week and they will be hungry playing the underdog card. This is our first playoff game and I expect everyone to come out ready.

All I hear is people claiming David and Goliath and that these guys have no chance and I keep thinking to myself, "You have to be out of your mind." That's fine though ... go ahead and listen to all the talking heads claim the Lions have no chance and how they will just be happy to be there. I don't see it that way. This will be a great game and when the Saints struggle they can really struggle (getting beat by the Rams).

I say bring on the Saints.

Go Lions!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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