Detroit lions the young and upcoming team (well its the oldest in the league)

Based on an article on, it looks like the lions top the list of average age across the board. They seem to lead the Steelers (considered to be aging team) by a good month. I decided to do some research and came up with these numbers...

If you look at the lineup, the

QB is the youngest at 23

Best and Leshoure at 21 and 22 are the kiddos and others Bell, Smith and KWill at 25, Veteran Momo at 32 and Harrison at 28 seems like the youngest group.

O Line is high on average (Backus, Davis, Raiola and Peterman are all 30+ and Sims is 28, Hillard 26 and Cherilus 27, both Culberath and Fox are 23 while they didnt see any action and are not yet locked as replacements or backups)

TEs (Heller is 30, Pettigrew is 26 and Schfeller is 28) is also on the higher side.

Receivers CJ at 26, Burleson at 30 and Young is 22, Stovall is 26 and Davis is 32

DL is average with Suh 25, Fairley 23, Young 26, Avril 25, Hill 25, LoJack 26, Fluellen 26, and veterans KVB at 33 ad CWill at 31

LBs Durant 26, Tulloch 27, Levy 24, Carpenter 28, rookie Hogue 22 and Palmer 25

DBs Berry 23, Carey 24, Delmas 24, Wright 26, Houstan 27, Spivey 23, Silva 23, Harris 29, Smith 26 are the second youngest group.

ST like any other team is on the higher side with Hanson 40+, Muhlbach 30 and Graham 38 (will probably be out next year) and Donahue 23. They will have to either draft or find someone like Rayner to backup Hanson who might probably retire after next season.

If the direction is to go big and strong and build for looks like there is a lot to do to build a team for the future. I'd say they just have the foundation in place (QB, Receivers (except Burleson), RB, Part of DL and a decent DB bunch which will improve this year).

The main focus area needs to be O Line for future.

Couple of CBs (one elite and another in the mid to late rounds) to improve depth at DB along with a Solid Safety.

Future drafts shoudl focus on a strong DE and a run stopping DT.

We are atleast 10-12 guys away from being a young team and the one for future.

Also note that the veterans all play crucial roles which is not that easy to replace on a whim.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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