Lions Free Agents

I know, Sean already posted the list of Lions Free Agents as well as a brief breakdown of who he thinks will be back. Well, here are my thoughts on the Lions free agents and who should be re-signed.

Cliff Avril DE-UFA- I think the Lions will do everything they can to bring Avril back, but at the right price. While young pass rushing studs are in high demand and often bring the highest might be too much to keep him. He could go either way. I do expect him to be back with the Lions next year though

Jeff Backus OT-UFA- While Backus is getting long in the tooth and has dealt with some injuries the past few years, he still hasn't missed a game and has been playing some of his best football. I think the Lions will try to keep the vet around with a cap friendly 2 year deal so they can try and develop his eventual replacement.

Bobby Carpenter LB-UFA- While I love Carp, and I think the Lions like him, He has said that the Lions have made no contact with him or his agent about a new contract. I think the Lions will however re-evaluate their LB corp and realize that keeping Carp is the right answer. There is a 50/50 chance he wont be back though.

Erik Coleman S-UFA- Gone. I don't have any thing to really say about this. I was on the fence when they signed him...but I don't think they're going to keep him. I know he went on IR, but was he that spectacular before? Nope.

Rashied Davis WR-UFA I think that with his special team skills and willingness to do whatever is asked of him, the Lions keep Davis around.

Leonard Davis OT-UFA Gone. I think the Lions thought their OLine needed help and signed him before another team did. I think that with the return of Fox and hopefully Culbreath the Lions see two players that they can develop into solid starters.

Isaiah Ekejuiba LB-UFA- I think he'll be back. The Lions ST suffered greatly without him in there. I didn't think losing him would be that big of a deal, but he really is a great ST player.

Andre Fluellen DT-UFA This is another toss up. While I'd like to see him stay the Lions are pretty stacked at DLine. It's a toss up between him and SLH. I think SLH may have just a slight edge of Flu.

Ben Graham P-UFA FOR THE LOVE OF GOD KEEP HIM! I'm sorry. I do not like Ryan Donahue one bit. I think getting rid of Nick Harris for him was only smart from a salary aspect. From a skill and exp aspect it was dumb dumb dumb dumb. I think Graham will be gone, although I'd rather see him stay.

Chris Harris S-UFA- GTFU. I think the Lions were hoping that he would be the pro bowler he was a few years ago, instead they got CC Brown V 2.0. Gotta go.

Jerome Harrison RB-UFA Gone. The Lions tried to unload him during the season. While I wish him a healthy recovery from his surgery...I doubt he'll be back.

Shaun Hill QB-UFA I think Shaun Hill stays. I think he'll even sign a cap friendly contract to stay. He's already stated that he's happy here and that he'd rather be happy and a backup here then a starter and miserable some where else.

Sammie Hill DT-RFA This is the toss up between him and Flu. Like I said before, I think SLH edges out Flu even though I'd like to see them both stay.

Corey HIlliard OL-RFA I listed Corey as OL instead of OT because he can play multiple spots on the line. I think this is why they keep him.

DeAndry Levy LB-RFA I like Levy, I think his play slipped a little. I think with a full offseason for the LB unit to gel we could see a big improvement. He'll be tendered

Stefan Logan WR-UFA- Goodbye Little Man. I have a man crush on Logan. I think the dude is straight up awesome. However, I think with the change in rules he's been less effective. I would like to see the Lions keep him, but I think they let him walk.

Brandon McDonald CB-UFA- Gone. He's been in and out of the lineup. I think they MIGHT bring him back as a camp body, but I doubt he'll make the 53 in the end.

Maurice Morris RB-UFA I have no idea. He was slowed this year by injuries, but when he's healthy he's still a good back and a vet. I think it depends on FA and Best, LeShoure, and K-Smooth. would not surprise me if he's gone.

Don Muhlbach LS-UFA The continuity between a LS, holder, and kicker is very important. Look for them to bring him back.

Ashlee Palmer LB-RFA- I haven't seen enough out of him to know what to do with him He's a decent ST player but I haven't seen really much out of him as LBer. So, this one is a 50/50 to me.

Kevin Smith RB-UFA- Should he stay or should he go now? Injuries were the problem in the past, and look, injuries are still the problem. When he's healthy he's a beast...the problem is staying healthy. I think they bring him back for camp and see where it goes from there.

Drew Stanton -QB-UFA Stanton might be gone this time. I don't think he was on the game do roster at all this season. The Lions may look elsewhere.

Maurice Stovall WR-UFA- Maurice Stonehandvall will most likely be gone. Look for Detroit to pick up a cheap FA, a late round draft pick or an Undrafted Rookie Free Agent to take his place.

Donald Thomas OG-UFA Not sure here. He had promise at one point in his career. He's still young and he may be a player the Lions bring back to develop further.

Stephen Tulloch LB-UFA Bring back the little tank. This is pretty much a no brainer.

Derrick Williams WR-RFA- Didn't he retire?

Eric Wright CB-UFA-Bring this guy back. He played well (even though there were a few lapses) and I think more time in the system will only make him better.

Like it, hate it, indifferent to it....this is my take.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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