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You know you have been waiting all year for this. No this is not a joke I'm gonna try and be as non NFL ref bias as I can here. Let the record show though I have been very vocal about my feelings about right gaurd Stephen Peterman.


It was mentioned in a post by my man Big Hair Cut sometime ago that statisticly Stephen Peterman was one of our best offensive lineman this year. I can't argue with that, nor will I attempt to. I will give credit where credit is do. Peterman played well this year. Well obviosuly does not mean great. I want to break down my stance on Peterman as well as what I see as other oppertunitys. Not only to upgrade the postiton but a few players whom I belive can actually change our entire offensive line.

While Peterman has had a good season, some good games, and some solid series. The one thing every offensive line MUST have in order to be a solid well operating machine is consitency. If it's injurys, bad decisions, or not fitting a system. A player who can not perform consitently on the offensive line is a weakness. While you may not agree with me and I understand many don't. I am fine with that, I don't feel Stephen Peterman can even be that consitent guy at right gaurd. I also feel that why Dom is not a stellar center he does get underrated at times. While the Lions could very well draft a new center i think a stellar right gaurd would not only help Dom be a better player but to also help Gosder achive to be a very good right tackle. Now while I have said I don't like Peterman at his postion I want one thing to be understood. I don't want to cut the guy by anymeans. A healthy Stephen Peterman might actually be the best backup offensive lineman in the NFL. I see him on that line of not good enough but maybe just a little to good. I'd rather have him on the bench a people ask why he isn't playing than have him on the line as ask " Is this the best we can do? " The Lions need a run game, While you may feel it's overrated or the short pass game is our run game. It dosen't matter, the fact is a run game make our offense as lethal as it should be and also helps protect Stafford and wouldn't have been nice to keep Drew Brees off the field a few weeks ago. Leshoure and Best can be a mean combo if they can get one more part...

The Lions offensive line lacks one thing. A true run blocker and a road grader, Something the best Gaurds in the NFL do. Now I don't expect the Lions to break the bank this year. We have a enough cap issues as it is, but if I want them to bench Peterman I better have a plan right. These are just a few of the players I have in mind that not only upgrade 3 postions, Center, R Gaurd, and Right Tackle. They can help morph the Lions offense into an entirely different and more explosive offense than it already is.

1 . Carl Nicks - This is the long shot, One of the best in the NFL and still in his prime the Saints will likely have to lose him in free agency. Drew Brees is a free agent and must be paid. Carl Nicks is a monster and can do it all. The guy can keep our defensive tackles off of Drew Brees. Imagine what he can do to the NFC north inside pass rushers.

2. David DeCastro - I love this guy, Gaurd from Stanford who the Lions will have to trade up to draft. He would be worth every penny. Road grader, fantastic run blocker no question. This guy is complete in the passing game as well. We are talking a future Steve Hutchinson here. Also considered probably THE safest pick in this years draft right now.

3. Cordy Glenn - Georgia gaurd a very well rounded player. He's not a beast like DeCastro but more in the Lions price range in the 1st round. He will be a huge upgrade as well but he's not the dominant force the other two guys are.

4. Kelechi Osemele - Iowa states tackle is actually built to play gaurd in the NFL. Strong upper body gives him a good advantage in the run game. His experince as a tackle gives him good feet to pass protect. There will be growing pains with this guy and there is a level of gamble on him with Nick Fairley like questions about his work ethic. Some have compared him to Michael Oher as a player but projected in round 2.

5. Gosder Cherilus - Worse case scenario we land a new right tackle in this years draft. Hopefully the future left tackle for Staffords blind side. While we develop him we can slide the mean Cherilus inside allowing him to take advantage of help on both sides and use his power and mean streak more. Worry less about his finess.

Just a few ideas. As I have said DeCastro is my ideal pick this year I just don't see anyway we land him. If it were up to me Raiola and Peterman would be backups next season. We need to be looking for the future left tackle as well. One this is for certain I will be very dissapointed if there isn't atleast one new starting offensive lineman on this roster next season. So while I have been very vocal about my dislike for Peterman and some of his bad mistakes which seem to happen at the worse possible times. You can see I actually have some logic in wanting a change at that postion.

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