Top 10 plays of the season

Looking back on the season there were some amazing moments and plays. I was thinking about what I considered the top plays during the season and came up with my top ten.

10. Avril's pick 6 of Phillip Rivers attempted screen pass.

(Just a beautiful play on Avril's part. Even though the game was already in hand it showed his ability to read a play and showed me some hops I didn't know he had.)

9. Megatron's fingertip grab in Minnesota.

(This set the stage for the winning field goal and showed that all Staff has to do is give Calvin a chance in single coverage and he can make a play)

8. Jahvid's touchdown run on Monday Night Football.

(This play showed how much of a threat Jahvid was (will be?). I swear he was even with the safety by the time the safety turned his hips.)

7.Kevin Smith screen pass touchdown run against the Panthers.

(We needed a touchdown badly at this point and Kevin went on to have the comeback game of a lifetime)

6. Matt's final touchdown pass of the regular season (to Scheff?) in Green Bay.

(Even though it was a losing effort it put a bow on the unbelievable season Matt had. The pass showed both power and pinpoint accuracy)

5. Megatron's back of the endzone touchdown catch against the Raiders.

(What can you say? One of the greatest Lions drives I have ever seen culminating in a Matt to Calvin touchdown. Just beautiful)

4. Bobby Carpenter and Chris Houston's pick sixes against Dallas.

( A tie here. I thought these two plays showed the resiliency that this team was going to compete with all season. They were both great plays)

3. Matt getting pummeled by a New Orleans defensive lineman in the first Saints game.

(This just stands out to me. It was a blindside free hit. Matt didn't see it coming and he just was completely crushed. This particular hit to me along with some others put to rest any worries about Matt's ability to take a pop. Matt took a second to get his composure and led the team back down the field. No more doubting Matt.)

2. Megatron's catch in Dallas over three defenders.

(I felt this catch set the stage for the incredible season Calvin was going to have. Not much I can say about this one.)

1. Avril's sack of Palmer in the last drive of the Raiders game.

(To me the most underrated play of the entire season. If Avril doesn't make this play the Raiders still have a timeout and the field goal isn't from as great a distance.)

So that is my list. I thought the final drive in the Raiders game alone had a couple that could be considered top ten. The Titus catch on 3rd and 2. Megatron's catch going out of bounds and of course the comeback catch. Not to mention Suh blocking the field goal kick.

Thoughts? What was the best play of the season to you?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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