The 23rd pick since 2000...

With all the mock draft hype revving up, I could speculate with all of that but I decided maybe a glance back at the 23rd pick could be interesting. I know, I know...... no two NFL drafts are ever the same. But what the hell, why not take a look. So I pulled the list to see what true diamonds have been at this pick.

2011-Eagles picked Danny Watkins, Guard from Baylor Career notes-Danny played 12 games with the Eagles this year.

2010-Packers selected Bryan Bulaga, Tackle from Iowa Career notes-Bulaga has played in 28 games with the Packers over the past two seasons.

2009-Ravens chose Michael Oher, Tackle from Mississippi Career notes-Oher (3rd season) will be active this weekend as the Ravens lineup against the Patriots.

2008-Steelers picked Rashard Mendenhall, Running Back from Illinois Career notes-Just finished his 4th season with the Steelers on Injured Reserve-knee.

2007-Chiefs drafted Dwayne Bowe, Wide Receiver, Louisiana State Career notes-Completed his 5th season with the Chiefs this year.

2006-Buccaneers chose Davin Joseph, Guard from Oklahoma Career notes-Completed his 6th season with the Bucs.

2005-Raiders selected Fabian Washington, Cornerback Nebraska Career notes-Played first 3 seasons with the Raiders and was cut after 3 seasons with the Saints.

2004-Seahawks chose Marcus Tubbs, Defensive Tackle Texas Career notes-Played for the Seahawks for incomplete seasons in 04, 05, 06 and was placed on IR in 07 but did not return to play (knee).

2003-Bills picked Willis McGahee, Running Back Miami (Fla) Career notes-Willis just completed his first season with the Broncos this year. He played 4 seasons with Buffalo, 4 seasons with Baltimore before his release led him to Denver.

2002-Raiders drafted Napoleon Harris, Middle Linebacker Northwestern Career notes-Played with the Raiders 2002-2004 before being traded to the Vikings in the Randy Moss deal, spent 2 seasons with the Vikings before signing with the Chiefs for the 07 and 08 seasons. The Chiefs released Harris in 08 and he returned to the Vikings to complete that season. Harris did ink a one year deal (09) again with the Raiders but was released early that season.

2001-Saints selected Deuce McAllister, Running Back Mississippi Career notes-Spent his entire career with New Orleans, officially retired after the 2010 season.

2000-Panthers chose Rashard Anderson, Free Safety Jackson State Career notes-Played two seasons with the Panthers before running into substance abuse testing issues.

There are sure some solid NFL players on this list who have made their mark and remain active, contributing members on competitive rosters. If this list is any indication of what the Lions may do at #23 there are more good players here than all out busts. I am optimistic that Mayhew and Schwartz will bring another asset into the pride. Enjoy the weekend and the playoffs.

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