A few thoughts on the Jets

Well, it's the end of the season again.

Our Lions made quite a respectable showing (for once) and the Lions look like they're gonna be in even better shape next year.

The Jets?? Not so much.

I'm gonna go ahead and ignore all the stories of named (Mason) and unnamed Jets players releasing statements about how horrible the Jets franchise is, and how horrible the locker room is. How selfish all the players are (NFL players are selfish? Who knew?) and how much of a baby Sanchez is. (Well, maybe I won't ignore the comments about Sanchez. I kind of enjoy them.)

I know a bunch of people on this board hate Rex Ryan.

I do not.

In fact I kinda like him.

I think he's hilarious. He says funny stuff. He talks smack which I love, (the time he dressed up like his brother was one of the funniest press conferences I've seen) and he's really easy to make fun of. (Wes Welker did it the best, IMO) Just fun all around. I'm glad he's in the league. Yeah, I know liking Rex Ryan is gonna lose me a lot of friends around here, but I'm kinda banking on the fact that I've been a member of POD long enough that most of you guys don't like me by now anyway. Whether you like Rex Ryan or not, you gotta admit he's a pretty darned good coach. In fact, Ryan and Schwartz are the only surviving coaches of the coaches named to head coaching positions in 2009. I think that says something about both of them.

And Ryan has got some things to think about this offseason. Moreso than Schwartz, IMO.


It is becoming clear that Sanchez is a problem. (How could this happen to a QB from USC? I thought they ALWAYS turned out to be Hall of Fame players!) Whether he really is as lazy as the media would like us to think (I take everything I read about teams in NY with a grain of salt) and whether he is a baby or whatever, I think his play on the field tells most of us something needs to happen if the Jets are gonna find themselves back in the AFC Championship game again.

So, despite the fact that I know the opinion here will be a little skewed, here's the question:

Do you guys think the Jets need to get a QB this offseason?

If so, who? How? Draft? (They pick 16th) Flynn? (Heard he might follow Regis Joe Philbin to Miami) One player mentioned a need to have a dude behind Sanchez to "push" him (that was NOT a gay joke). Maybe a proven backup named Shaun Hill? or Drew Stanton? Maybe Favre? (Okay, sorry, I had to say that one) It seems Santonio Holmes isn't the most popular guy presently, he might be good in a trade. Or maybe you guys think they're good for now. Unfortunately for Sanchez, being from the same draft class, I will always compare him to Stafford which I admit might not really be fair to Sanchez. But even Josh Freeman seems to show more promise than Sanchez. Sanchez kinda reminds me of another USC guy, Matt Lienert. (Speaking of which, what's up with TJ Yates? Not sure about his contract, but he might be good trade bait.)

In other words, is Sanchez done?

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