My early attempt at a Mayhew mock draft

This is my early attempt at somewhat likely draft for the Lions in April's upcoming draft. This are not necessarily the players I would like Mayhew and Co. select. They are just players that are a little under the radar.

1st round Nick Perry - DE USC 6'3 250lb 4.64 40 time

the skinny on Nick - The best true 4-3 defensive end in this draft. He is a straight up pass rushing monster. That uses speed and technique to get to the quarterback. Perry knew that he was lacking in the run stopping department. So he spent last spring getting stronger to improve his ability and awareness to be more effective against the run. And did I mention the kid is from Detroit? Obvious the Avril's contract situation has a lot to due with this pick. But also keep in mind that KVB is the twilight of his career, and LoJack is a UFA in 2013. Perry is what Schwartz and Gunny have always said what they want in a DE. Speed, quickness, and the ability to create havoc. Being a BPA at a position that could be a need, I see Mayhew pulling the trigger on Nick.

USC DE #8 Nick Perry Highlights 2010 (via CaliforniasGold) This is his 2010 highlights... could not find 2011.

2ND Round. Markelle Martin - S Oklahoma State 6'1 203 4.49 40 time

the skinny on Martin - He is good enough in man coverage. He has the speed to cover a slot receiver, and can be effective in 4 receiver sets. In zone, is where he is a beast. He has the speed to cover a lot of ground. He reads the quarterbacks eyes and jumps the routes. He has the speed to straight -line to the ball. Markelle has ball skills, and can make quarterbacks pay. Did I mention the dude can tackle? Yea, the dude tackle, and tackle hard. Martin is the type of safety that makes wide-outs heard footsteps. A little stiff in his back pedal. And he does draw the occasional personnel foul for his hitting. So he should fit in well in Detroit. Even though Markelle is listed as a FS, he has played both safety positions, Making him more ideal in the Lions defensive philosophy of having two safeties, each playing their half of the field, rather than having a strong and a free safety each.

Markelle Martin Destroys Ty Montgomery (via pistolsguy) 2012 Fiesta Bowl... yea I told you he can hit.

3RD Keenan Robinson - OLB Texas 6'3 240lb 40 time of 4.68

the skinny on Keenan. Primarily a run stopper. Uses he speed to get from sideline to sideline. Show he has enough strength to stiff arm blockers that are pulling, and get by them. Does not have enough technique to shed blockers that are anchored. But Keenan is a high motor guy, that chases down plays. Solid tackler, that has good speed for his size. Not to bad in coverage either. Keenan has very good awareness and agility to stay with tight-ends and can jump the underneath seam route. Overall he will add depth and special teams play for the Lions. Robinson has the intangibles that Schwartz likes in his linebacker. Size, speed, and the ability to play all three positions, and could develop into a solid starter one day.

Keenan Robinson NFL Draft Analysis - 2010 Season (via TMBDraft) Again the highlights are from 2010

4th RD Ladarius Green - TE La-Lafaytte 6'6 237lb 40 time of 4.60

the skinny on Ladarius. Not recruited by the big-time schools because he was seen as slow, and too tall to be a wide receiver. But Green started to add weight and muscle to his 6'6 frame. Than was coverted to a tight-end for the Ragin' Cajuns. Ladarius is a fluid runner, with a lot of body control. Has enough speed to run by linebackers. An absolute threat in the passing game. Excellent route runner that creates seperation by using is big frame and wing-span. He can stretch the field vertically. The down side to Green is his lack of blocking ability, and top notch competition while playing at a small school. But he has all the intangibles. He is a solid worker, with no character issues. Green is a growing prospect that one day can be a big time play maker in a pass happy offense.

Ladarius Green vs SDSU 2011 "New Orleans Bowl" (via JMPasq)

5th RD Tom Compton - OT South Dakota 6'5 314lb 40 time 5.15

the skinny on Tom. Well Lion fans you wanted, you got it. But I am guessing that you probably want a OT drafted before the 5th round. Like I said above in the opening paragraph. This is my attempt at a Mayhew draft. So who is Tom? He is a 2011 First Team All-American,who is big, strong, and nasty. Possesses quickness, and agility for a 300 plus man. He uses his arms well in locking up the defender. Much better against speed rushers than the bull rushers. Not much of a run blocker. Tom's strength is definitely in pass protection. Good kick slide. Needs to bend more to get better leverage. But overall a solid prospect that will have a year to sit behind Backus.


So I only did five picks. My feeling is that Mayhew will be active in trading up and down in this draft, and the Lions will end up with five picks. Like I said at the beginning. This is not necessarily the picks I want, but more of just trying to come up with some guys that fit how Mayhew drafts. All in all, I will be 0 for 5 on my predictions. Trying to guess a Mayhew's draft is like pissing into the wind. Sure, it sounds like fun in theory. But the end results will leave you wet and smelling like urine.

So have fun tearing it apart.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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