Resigning Avril not a top 5 need!

What? Well I'm slow at work today so just thought that I start up some sheet. Getting some info from BR and others. Det has 24 FA's, only 2 teams have more, Oakland 26 and the Saints with 27, the avg is 15 per team. Det does have 17 of 22 starters returning. So here is my top needs list for the off season.

1. Resign MegaTron, he has one year left on his contract, if I read it right 20M, 6 may be bonus and 14 under salary. We need room under the cap to sign other FA's, SUH and Staff both restructured their contracts and we let a 8 year punter go and signed a rook last year to get under the cap. If we don't sign MegaT to a longer contract with more bonus and far less salary then we will probably be playing with alot of min wage players and not resigning any FA's.

2. We have 2 starting LB's as Fa's and I think that signing at least Tullach to a longer contract is more important if not both him and Levy. We also have 2 backup LB's as FA's, Carpenter and Palmer.

3. CB, yes we need a shutdown CB and out starting RCB is a FA and is said to want the big bucks. Not worth it, but loosing him leaves us weaker at a weak spot. Finding a FA CB is more important. I saw 2 reports that had Wright moving on to another team.

4. OLT, This one is all over, may jump to number 2 or out of the top 5. Now I'm not a Backus hater but, with giving up multi 3-sack games this year and both injury hits on Staff last year maybe its time. Plus he played injured and went under the knife at the end of the season and its not known IF he will return or not. If not then finding a true OLT should become the highest priority.

5. QB, what? Well only 2-injuries could keep us below 8-8. One is to OL or to QB and both back-ups are FA's. Hill says that he would like to return but this is probably his last FA chance to finding a starting job. So signing or finding a QB is more important.

6. Now I have Avril as number 6, but I'm not sure of his attitude as of late. In a recent interview on returning to Det he said that he would like to but not taking any low ball offers. He said that he had alot of friends and family counting on him getting a large signing bonus. Now he is getting better but alot of his numbers are from dbl teams inside.

Other top needs may be the coaching staff. I read a report that 5 coaches were looking to move on and up to better jobs. Including Lineham, interviewing for a head coaching job and actualy I hope he gets it. He has been brilliant at times but way to predictable at others and I think we can do much better.

Don't even get me started on our RB problems.

So there it is chew it up, spit out, change the order ect. but don't even think about changing #1, it all starts there and I just finished a new software program that will cut your fingers off if you try to change that one. Now working one one that will cut your little wee wee off too so better watch out.

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