pre combine Lions Mockserbation™

'tis the season... As pointless as it is to ever think I, or anyone, can reliably predict what any team will do, it's fun to try. It also can be informative to see how others view players or team needs.

A few things to know about this mock:

- I couldn't give 2 shits where Mayock, Kiper, or any other time filling TV blowhard has them projected right now. I've probably seen the same report. Where do YOU have them projected, and why. There's no doubt what they, or even the mock community at whole, says will influence the thoughts and predictions. It's just not everything is it? It's just going to change in a week, month, whenever for a lot of guys anyway so think freely.

- If you want to waste your time typing a reply that simply says "no way __ is drafted at __ spot" without any reasoning, go ahead, you're going to get a big wide /yawn from me and likely others. This is to get some talk about the players and perhaps why you think they'll be drafted at a certain spot. Let's hear what YOU think about them. Have you seen them play? Any other info?

Ok enough with the preachy bullshit, how about some mockserbation™!

First round:

Mike Adams LT, OhHowIhateOhioState Besides the obvious flaws in where he chose to play ball the kid can play! I'm not going to say he's the most ready now, but yet I believe he's the real deal. I was a bit on the fence but he's won me over. I wouldn't have a problem with plugging him in right away... well in week 6 when he's eligible. That's my only knock on him, but what's part of a season when you have a healthy and reliable long term starter coming aboard

alternate pick: Janoris (how's the weather up there) Jenkins, CB Exile U He's a baller and can hang with the big physical guys so his height doesn't mean a whole lot. He'll press, he'll zone, he'll m2m, he'll get shit done. If they went the route of picking him first instead I'd be so happy with it I'd forgive Backus (or Fox) coming back to start. That's the big question on taking Adams, are they ready to move on from Fox cus he aint moving to RT.

Second round:

Brandon Boykin, CB Georgia Even if they took JJ in the first I could still get on board with Boykin. I'm left to wonder how he'll end up getting drafted now that he has the broken leg. No combine, will he drop? Is he still clearly BPA if he were to fall this far, yes! The first gain is g'bye Logan, thanks for the promise and fun season. 2nd sit a year or so and get a feel for the pro level, then come in and ball I don't have a problem with 2 CB being drafted this year at all. We need the depth. I wouldn't be so pleased if it was 1st and 2nd picks tho so I think JJ and BB are an either or situation.

alternate pick round 2: Ben Jones, C Georgia This guy would rock! I'm not going to say he's as smooth as Konz, but he's got game. He's the firebrand bull in the center that Raiola can only talk about being. I think he's everything they've wanted from Raiola but not been able to get. I wont say his ceiling is pro bowl, but I wont say it isn't :)

Third round:

Shea McClellin, DE Boise State I'm pegging him to come in as a DE for the Lions. This kid knows a few things really well. First off how to get after the QB, hand down, up, inside, outside, push, deke, you name it. He'll have to bulk up a bit if he wants to get away with the bull rush in the pros but I think he could. Beyond that, he could also be used as an excellent alternative to Tulloch in the middle, or sS. YUP! He's got solid coverage skills and speed to hang with TE. He's a helluva tackler and can work the run. If standing in the middle I believe he's got the eyes to cover a few gaps while being a great spy. He'd also give Gunny some great options for center blitzes. Gunny has missed having such an option and would likely shift him over there from time to time even if he is regularly playing DE. I believe he's hugely undervalued and the mock community will wake up to him along the way.

alternate pick round 3: Josh Norman, CB BFE (Coastal Carolina) Ok, I'll confess I haven't seen him play in a full game, so I'm basing this pick off the mock community and game/practice recaps along with highlight type stuff. Everything I hear and see of Josh is so favorable! He obviously plays fast and has some vertical. If he's gotten this good (still probably a bit rough, I haven't seen anything of overall technique) with the lesser competition at Coastal Carolina just imagine how well he could develop in the pros! Call this a hunch pick.

Round 4:

Brandon Brooks, OG Miami (OH) Another guy that I've got limited exposure to but love what I've seen. He's the big mauler of a mamu I want inside for the run game. I have to hope with some NFL level conditioning and coaching he'll only get better. He's already seemingly quite sound in support of the run. He showed some solid plant and redirect at E/W and I think if he gets some big league coaching on technique he'll be just fine in pass support. It's seems like a pretty good year for guards or I'd be placing him higher.

alternate pick round 4: Markus Zusevics, OT (OG) Iowa I'm rating him at G but he's experienced across the line. He doesn't have the snap or quickness to play blindside but inside is another story. While I haven't seen him on the right I have to wonder if he'd be just fine in place of Cherilus, with a bit of time to season. While not the man mountain Brooks is, he does have the strength to really hold up well against the big body tackles coming at him. He's also rangy enough to open up the playbook for guards that Brooks might be more limited from. I'm not sure either would be considered likely to come in year 1 and start, but hey in the 4th it's no guarantee anyone will.

Round 5:

Mike Brewster, OC OSU There's the talent here for him to easily go higher. I'm mockserbating him to drop, like good centers usually do. I don't see him as the firebrand of Jones but he's perhaps a bit more all around solid player even. I'd be pleased with him to come in, perhaps season up behind the midget and learn what not to do and maybe what to do.

alternate pick round 5: Akiem Hicks, DT BFE (Regina, Canada) Ok, another guy I've only got limited exposure to. In fact before a couple weeks ago I had never heard of him. That said, he lit it up at the E/W and I've read enough raves of him why not take a long shot and throw him in. He seems like a great addition to the rotation and at a bargain price. So what if he's a year on the PS. Then again if they move CW, or Flu perhaps he can come on and at least provide some depth. We all know DT isn't a position of need and I'd cuss like a sailor if they pick one early. At round 5, who cares if they see the talent potential I think he might have, go for it!

Round 7: I don't have enough lotion to Mockserbate™ to the 7th today. I'm sure I'll mock 1 more time after the combine so I'll try and lube up the picks for then.

I hope you enjoyed! Now let's hear what you think!!

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