I hate the Lions

**Edit** I am sorry Lions fans. My intent was not to troll. I was just wondering if you all see a heated rivalry growing between the 9ers and Lions. The title was clearly used to get attention. I then explained why I have such strong feelings for the Lions. I then said I would understand if you all feel the same about the 49ers. And I finished by saying I think these two teams will play each other for years to come in very heated big games that matter. If you would like me to delete this post and leave POD let me know and I will. **End Edit**

I assume you all hate the 49ers as well. I wanted to find out. Do you have the same emotional response to the 49ers that I do to the Lions?

I haven't always hated them. I think that Barry Sanders is the best running back that has ever lived and the most exciting player I have ever seen. Growing up I tried to watch him as much as possible. My best friend growing up was a Lions fan and so I always hoped for the best for them. When he and I played football together he was Barry and I was Joe. And even now, I think that CJ is the best WR in the game.

Prior to when the Lions played the 49ers earlier this year I knew absolutely nothing about them. Then I joined Pride of Detroit. Of all the games played this year I think the fans here at POD talked more smack and respected the 49ers less than any other team. That is fine. That is what fans do. We all talk smack. It is one of the things that makes sports and being a sports fan fun.

But after what went down, I now hate the Lions the most. All of the following makes me hate them: the reported dinner that Harbaugh had with Schwartz before the season, the comment that Schwartz made before the game while being interviewed, the thing Schwartz yelled across the field, OF COURSE the fit that he threw because he got his hand shaken too hard, everything else Schwartz does after and during games against other teams, his stupid face and everything about him, and the fact that Suh is a whiney entitled thug.

I am guessing that Lions fans feel something similar towards the 49ers. You probably blame Harbaugh the way I blame Schwartz. You probably feel like the 49ers got lucky against the Lions this year and want revenge. I would assume, you (and most people for that matter, including many 9er fans) think the 49ers aren't really as good as their 13-3 record would indicate. Among other things that you probably dislike about the 49ers and their fans.

Having said that, though, I felt that win over Lions was the most satisfying I have felt since 2002. It made me very happy. And it makes me look forward to the future. A future with a heated 49ers/Lions rivalry. These are both relatively young teams that look poised to have success going forward. Nothing would crush me more this year than losing to the Lions in the playoffs. Do you feel the same about the possibility of losing to the 49ers?

We play next year in SF and maybe again in the playoffs. These could be 2 teams that play each other in the playoffs for years to come. That is exciting to me. The 49ers have sucked for the last 10 years. I didn't really get emotional about the games because none of them mattered. Now they matter again. I haven't had a team to really hate since the Cowboys in the early 90's and the Pack in the late 90's. Now I have the Lions to hate. I have crazy emotional games to look forward to that will kill me if the 49ers lose. That is fun.

I look forward to hating you guys for the many years and playing a lot of big meaningful games against you. Two great teams battling for high stakes. I just hope you lose all of them because my heart couldn't take the loss.

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