Stafford better at something then Brees....

I was just reading an article comparing some of Brees' and Stafford's stats over the last four weeks. Here is a bit of the article.

Another reason for encouragement among Lions fans is the improvement shown by quarterback Matthew Stafford over the last month. Since the last Lions-Saints matchup, Stafford has matched Drew Brees number for number — in fact, he's played as well as any quarterback in the NFL through the last month. Brees has 42 pass plays of over 25 yards in 2011; Stafford has 40. Brees throws touchdown passes on 7 percent of his attempts; Stafford does so on 6.2 percent.

Where things start to separate is in some of the "clutch" categories, and this is no indictment of Stafford — he's playing at an unreal level for a 23-year-old quarterback, and Brees is one of the 10 best quarterbacks of all time. But on third-and-long (8 yards to go or more), Brees leads the NFL with a 47.5 percent first-down conversion rate, while Stafford ranks very low at 23.5 percent -- he has converted just 19 of 81 such situations, while Brees converted 28 of 59 attempts. Brees leads the NFL in completion percentage in late and close situations (70.6 percent, or 48 of 68), while Stafford is a bit lower down the list (57.0 percent, or 53 of 93).

So, not to shabby right. Brees is the better QB stat wise so far. After the jump it gets a little interesting.

The writer then goes on to this set of stats.

However, in other key situations, the two quarterbacks are very equal — they have each thrown 11 touchdowns in the fourth quarter. And Stafford has a better QB Rating (flawed stat, but it's all we have right now) inside the opponent's 10-yard line than Brees -- 98.1 to 95.8. Considering the fact that Stafford doesn't have a real running game to lean on and Brees has the best four-man running back rotation in the league, it's safe to say that Stafford has been VERY impressive of late.

In the lone stat that Stafford is better then Brees the writer says that the stat is "flawed." Of course, it must be flawed if any stat shows that a LION is better then a SAINT in any way. It's another example of the lack of respect for the Lions going into this game.

Want more lack of respect?

On the defensive side, issues persist for both teams. Especially considering the investment each franchise has made in their defensive lines, you'd expect better than for the Lions to rank 15th in Football Outsiders' Defensive Adjusted Line Yards ranking, and for the Saints to rank 21st. The Saints allowed 5.2 running back yards in 2011, the most in the league, but we can't blame as much on their defensive line, because they have the highest percentage of rushing yards allowed from 10 yards and beyond the line of scrimmage.

So, the Lions D line isn't as good as the Saints? What? What? What? This stat of rushing yards allowed from 10 yards and beyond the line of scrimmage....what is that? Are they handing off 10 yards down field? No...a run starts in the backfield. That stat is idiotic and just another way to make the Saints look better in a weak area.

If you'd like to read the whole article here it is. Smarter Stats, Wild-Card Edition: Detroit Lions at New Orleans Saints

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