Way to early Mock draft 1st round

Okay lets first look at each team and their needs.

Indianapolis, most say they need a QB that can handle the offense I say they need more weapons. Look at what we did last year for QB I just don't understand the need to replace manning with this pick, however this is a QB driven league and what they currently have is not the future.

St. Louis, I hear that their Oline is a mess. If you consider that Bradford got sacked 36 times in just 10 games that pares out to the most sacked quarterback in the league. Oline is a need doesn't matter the position just take the best available.

Minnesota, Well there Oline is below average however their WR corps is aging. And with the number of gunslingers in the division they need to consider that as well. I would also consider a top DL as a possibility here as well. In the end though its weapons and in this division the more weapons the better.

Cleveland, hmm this one is tricky to look at. First lets look at what is good on the team, defense is stellar ranking 10th. However they have an issue at quarterback but frankly I think it is premature to say that at this point. McCoy is a 2nd year player plus his running game disappeared this year. So I think a QB here would not be the smartest plan however going back to the defense I think a better pass rush would be best bet here.

Tampa Bay, well there is some need for corner back with both starters likely gone one to retirement and the other is going be wearing stripes. Needless to say the QB spot has been shaky as well for the Bucs since it has been one QB after another here. I still think they will give Freeman one more year to sink or swim.

Washington, uhm can we say Quarterback. I think that is enough said. Move on.

Jacksonville, lets see what does Minny has that Jacksonville doesn't and yet they play in similar divisions. If you can not guess what it is, its a pass rush. So look for Jacksonville to upgrade their pass rush here.

Miami, lets see Henne is gone and Moore is below average but serviceable. But the O Line needs an upgrade badly. Look for RT here.

Carolina, well Cam is good. I would think a sophomore slump can be expected next year however to keep them from bombing out look for them instead of throwing more weapons for him look for defense. 5th worst defense in yards. That just plain sucks, so best defensive player here.

Buffalo, hmm interesting selection here. We have the smart guy QB, a defense that is giving up way too many yards, a passing offense that is average, the best protection in the NFL, and one of the worst pass rushing in the league. And yet some folks are saying LT, hmm I say DE and big time.

Kansas City, they are built for the run game and with the number of injuries to their RBs I could see them grabbing the best RB in the draft here. I could also see them needing a pass rush but lets think about that who do they play in the West that is a solid QB hold that thought. SD - Rivers, Oakland - Palmer, Denver - Tebow. I think Pass rush could be selected here as higher need.

Seattle, well this an interesting selection. QB here would make sense as Jackson just is not a starting QB in the NFL. However some are saying pass rush but they are an average team in that regard. So personally I think defense is not a big selection here. I would instead see them grab a QB here.

Arizona, hmm after looking through their team here is what I saw. Run defense average, pass rush great, pass defense average, as for offense just average across the board. I just think they will go with the best play available here. Any talent will help them. Some though are saying they need a MLB but after seeing he played every game and had little impact I think he will get replaced so consider the best MLB in here.

Dallas, well some will say get a new QB, I think otherwise. The simple fact is their offense is okay just had some injuries in the WR corps this year. Running game was above average. As for passing offense having Romo hurt this year a couple times I think O Line needs to be looked at. Interior needs some help so look for an interior pick here.

Philadelphia, hmm as I pointed out in my previous post about big guys they don't have much. However I still think this offense is based on speed not size. So I depending on who is on the board I think it really boils down to speed above anything else. And frankly their defense works as it is tops in the league in sacks average in picks, along with other categories. They just need a better offensive weapons.

NY Jetties, well lets be honest here their defense sucks and they have no wide receivers. Depending on who is on the board at this spot I see them selecting the best player that is on defense side outside of CB but on offense it could be a WR or RB.

Cincinnati, normally I would be talking about Oakland here but lets see they gave this pick to them for Palmer and the 2nd round for a pair of NE players, and the 3rd round for a Pryor. Now with their draft over until the last day lets discuss Cincy's needs in the draft. BTW they also will be picking a few picks later so this will cover both. I am thinking a Corner would be possible along with another WR or RB as Benson is getting up there in age for a RB.

San Diego, can I say a new coach oh wait Rivers likes him never mind. Can't really draft a coach in any case. Well in that case lets look at the players. Uhm bad in pass coverage, bad in pass rush, bad in rush defense. I think they would like to draft the LSU or Bama defense. Oh wait you can only draft a single player okay just the best defensive player available.

Chicago, I would like to first say that Oline sucks. But it also is a very young Oline coming up. So I would give it another year before blowing it up. I would say another WR would be a option here as well. However they are based on speed not size as only Williams was their only big WR the rest were CB sized. So what is left to look at. Defensively they are above average in pass defense and rush defense but below average in pash rushing. Frankly I see them looking outside on this pick with the best CB or WR left on the board.

Tennessee, I am going to say best DL right now. They have the 2nd lowest sack total and a below average rush defense. Fixing that would mean drafting a DT or DE that can get to the QB. Plus they do play in the AFC South against some strong QBs.

Well I guess I could talk again about Cleveland or Cincinati as both have picks here also. However another look at Cleveland and I could see them going offense here with this pick. Putting another weapon around McCoy is not a bad thing even a RB to replace Hillis would not be bad thing either.

So now its our team and what do I think we need to draft. First is the Backus and Dom issue. Frankly both will be back, Dom is already signed and Backus is coming back to play teacher more than anything else. Plus OL can last until their mid 30's to late 30's and be effective. They are still in there early 30's. So no high draft pick for OL here guys. As for RB nope not going to happen. We are solid there once our RBs stop getting hurt. TEs, look good too. As for WRs uhm no that looks solid as well. So I guess its defense. Our DL has a no vaccancy sign up right now so no change there. As for LB there could be a player or two added here but not this high. Personally I like us to draft that big CB or Safety here and depending on what the front office wants we may just get it. I also think the front office of draft BPA will be broken here but lets see what happens when I put everything together.

  1. Indianapolis (2-14) - Andrew Luck QB (Stanford)
  2. St. Louis (2-14) - Matt Kalil OT (Southern Cal)
  3. Minnesota (3-13) - Justin Blackmon WR (Oklahoma State)
  4. Cleveland (4-12) - Trent Richardson RB (Alabama) not what I expected just not a lot on the board here
  5. Tampa Bay (4-12) - Moris Claiborne CB (LSU)
  6. Washington (5-11) - Blake Robert Griffin QB (Baylor)
  7. Jacksonville (5-11) - Quinton Coples DT/DE (North Carolina)
  8. Miami (6-10) - Riley Reiff OT (Iowa)
  9. Carolina (6-10) - Dre Kirkpatrick CB (Alabama)
  10. Buffalo (6-10) - Devon Still DT (Penn State)
  11. Kansas City (7-9) - Nick Perry DE (Southern Cal)
  12. Seattle (7-9) - Ryan Tannehill QB (Texas A&M)
  13. Arizona (8-8) - Luke Kuechly MLB (Boston College)
  14. Dallas (8-8) - David DeCastro G (Stanford)
  15. Philadelphia (8-8) - Kendall Wright WR (Baylor)
  16. New York Jets (8-8) - Melvin Ingram OLB/DL (South Carolina)
  17. Cincinnati - from Oakland (8-8) - Michael Floyd WR (Notre Dame)
  18. San Diego (8-8) - Alfonzo Dennard CB (Nebraska)
  19. Chicago (8-8) - Janoris Jenkins CB (North Alabama)
  20. Tennessee (9-7) - Fletcher Cox DT (Mississippi State)
  21. Cincinnati (9-7) - Cordy Glenn G (Georgia) Not what I expected but it works as they have a need here as well
  22. Cleveland - from Atlanta (10-6) - Mohamed Sanu WR (Rutgers)
  23. Detroit (10-6) - Peter Konz C (Wisconsin) Okay not an immediate need but here is the jest the next CB is too high at ranking of 40 and at 6-0 185 is just small IMHO.

Trumaine Johnson out of Montana looks much better at 6-2 204 is a big guy just what the Lions need for CB. I also like to say that he is projected to go in the low 3rd or high 2nd round. The safety spot for SS is pretty weak. Nobody is predicted to get selected in the 1st round and only 3 in the top 3 rounds. I like Harrison Smith out of Notre Dame for the 3rd round selection. At 6-2 215 he is big guy who should match up well on the TEs in the league. For the fourth round selection I would take Tyler Nielsen from Iowa who at 6-3 235 could well match up well on any TE and still be a presence for the run game. As for the 5th round well its Jeff Fuller WR from Texas A&M with a 6-3 220 and a 4.52 is a good body to end up replacing Burleson in the future. For the 6th round our own pick is vacated however we may be getting Seattle's selection here. And for kicks here is a possible 6th round pick, Marc Tyler from USC at 5-10 230 is a nice big bruising back that could help us replace Morris. Finally at 7th round I would take Robert Golden another Phonz but bigger which should help in pass defense against some of the bigger guys. Comes from Arizona at 5-11 200 a good sized DB for prospect look.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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