Blame where it's due

Let's pretend we're 3-1 right now.

It's been hard learning to adapt to the safeties playing deep, but getting open while skilled DB's try to manipulate them off routes is 99% of the work in a receiver's job.

Sure we've had to play shorter, but that's how every good team moves the chains and controls the clock. No more fourth quarter comebacks winning with 30 seconds left, we have deep Megatron passes when we need them, and keep them on run moving down the field all game because we execute so well. We win over half our games by taking a knee.

Then you wake up and realize we're 1-3. No it's not Schwartz. Find a single analyst that agrees with that. In fact find me more than two articles outside of this site that say that. Find me any other source where the head coach is the number one problem (one BleacherReport article does not count). It's a POD phenomenon.

Player execution is a big problem. That is where you can put a fair amount of blame on the POSITION coaches, and schemes that didn't work when we gave them a try you can blame on COORDINATORS (even though they're not dumb and are seeing what works well and what doesn't at the same time we are). Head coach is an administrator. He's going to let them do their jobs because they're professionals and that's what good senior managers do- get people you can trust and let them do their jobs, instead of micromanaging and overriding.

We would be a 3-1 team right now if not for one part of our team. I'm not saying fire Danny Crossman just yet because he had one of the best special teams for several years in the NFL. We don't know what he and Schwartz talk about. We don't know how much Schwartz is cussing him out, or if there's another problem we can't see. But special teams has cost us two games. Defense has done decent all season considering the depth problems.

Offense has struggled, but we need to see what we're capable of and HAVE to eventually create diversity in our playbook. Now's a good time to start. We have to do this to win a Superbowl, as much as the growing pains hurt. We will not advance in the playoffs if we can only do one trick over and over. It worked against bad teams we beat (very barely), but any playoff team we played last year was a loss. We need to create diversity, and now's a good time to start instilling that.

The real question is why (here on POD) is Schwartz taking 90% of the blame and we're hardly hearing a whisper about special teams? We're 3-1 if special teams just prevented returns- even half their returns. Every analyst I've heard so far is correctly placing the blame on special teams, not one is attacking the coaches.

Is there a reason so many here hate Jim Schwartz after all he's done for us?

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