This is your chance to shine - Be the owner and give us your plan

When I think to the past, and say to myself, "Self! You could have hired better people than the Lions have!".

We all have that deep-seated feeling that we could have done a better job hiring and firing people along the way. That's natural, that's human. Now, for not the first time, you're going to get an opportunity to "Be the Owner".

Here's the situation. Everyone has been fired, yep, for one reason or another everyone was let go after the season was over, and now as owner, you get to make the decisions on who to hire as GM, Head Coach, Coordinators, etc. You can make the plan as detailed or as vague as you like. You can go right down to who to hire as regional scouts, strength and conditioning coach, and jock strap washer. Or, conversely you can say "I'm hiring so and so to be the GM, and he can do the hiring from there.".

Beware the fans reaction though! Think carefully about how the Lions fans will react to these hirings, also think about your hirings in conjunction with current personnel. Unlike WCF Sr. You'll get to hear the feedback, oh, almost immediately!

Fans! Vote on the best plans you see by Rec'ing them! The top 5 plans will be put into a poll to be voted on, as to whose is the best. I am particularly looking forward to plans submitted by Tuff, Bighaircut, joshun, delusional, Incantrix, DrewsLions, and all the other regulars.

Before you venture off into fantasy land though, remember that your hirings have to be people who are - A. Available now (i.e. Jim Fassil would be considered available) B. Have contracts expiring at years end. C. Have a reasonable chance of losing their jobs (Hello there Chan Gailey!). D. Are not married to a collegiate program (Do you really think Spurrier would be dumb enough to leave his "Happy Place" twice?).

Violations of this will be called out with a comment to the plan of "I call BS". For instance, "LionLooneyTune" submits his plan of "I'm hiring Bellichek". Latif responds with "I call BS - Section C" referring to "reasonable chance of losing jobs. Now if Latif can find two people to agree, Hyperion replies to Latif with "I second" and Lionsfan4Life says "I concur", then your plan is considered null and void.

Let the contest begin!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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