Well, things are a little different....

G'day fellas,

Things are definitely different around here. SB Nation got itself an update, and I don't know quite what to think of it actually. Love the new logo, and some of the other blogs versions are quite good as well. But the general look is a bit perplexing. I like the big visual header-thingy, but the fanposts seem to be lost a bit, which is a shame. Well, move with the times I suppose.

I know, it's been a while. Life is on the hectic side of the scale at the moment but you can never take the Pride out of this Lion. I still lurk nearly everyday, but posting is harder than it used to be. I will try to change that though (I know, I've said this before). It's good to see that most of the guys are still hanging around, especially after this start to the season, which is what I'll discuss now...

Well, I don't know what to say actually. I haven't been able to watch the games, except the SF game as that was on TV. I don't have Gamepass this year and gamecenter is my home unfortunately. I tell you what, seeing that bloody Touchdown phrase flash up on the screen after a punt or kickoff is very annoying! Despite my lack of visual analysis, I still have some thoughts.

Starting with the offence, it seems to me that it wouldn't take much for us to be back on track. Stafford does seem a little off, but I think some of that may be confidence, when the TDs come, and they will, I think you'll see better from him. Our Offensive Line can protect, despite our effort against Minnesota, but they still need to put more work into providing a push for Mikel, who I quite like. He may just provide us with that consistency on the ground. Also, receivers need to get themselves some damn stick'em.

The Defence is more troubling in my eyes. The defensive line, while potentially very dangerous, is not yet so. We need to pressure more, especially from the edges, Willie Young has been disappointing so far, I hope he steps it up since I think he can be something. Linebackers seem to be a forgotten substance, not making plays, which for me is a must. The defensive backs are frankly poor, Houston is good but the rest need serious work. With Delmas back this should help, but guys like Bentley and Silva need to step up.

Surprisingly, the Special Teams may be our biggest weakness. We cannot keep giving teams free points, let alone free yards. If we step up in this phase, then maybe it will help our main units.

The other big topic at the moment is Schwartz. As I have said before, this is his crunch year. He got us to the playoffs, and that was a big step, but now we have to take the next one, and a 1-3 start is not how you do that. Things have to turn around, and for me, another 4 or 5 wins won't do it for me. In saying that, if we don't make the playoffs at 8-8 or something, that to me isn't his death knell.

Anyways, Go Lions!

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