PFW interviews anonymous POD member....

LOL... just kidding... but if you haven't read this over the top hit piece by PFW....

check it out here>>>> LINKY

"The one thing that is clear – they are not as close as people have tried to make it seem," the GM told PFW. "They are a one-dimensional offensive team that if the quarterback (Matthew Stafford) is not on, people are figuring it out. If you take (WR Calvin) Johnson out of the game (one TD through four games, compared to eight TDs at the same stage last season), who else do they have that can beat you? "They are not a team that I think is ready. If I am going there to take over the job, I am not thinking that is a quick fix."

This type of article led me to some random thoughts....

I find it humorous and short sighted that some believe we need to rehash or start up a discussion about the demise of the Detroit Lions..... 4 games into the season. It feels like some race to the negativity, just so they can position themselves on top of the "I told you so" podium. Guess what... it doesn't take a genius to know the odds are always against the Detroit Lions (as with 90% of the NFL).

With regards to the D-Line and defense... these kids are young, rich, high draft picks. They have all the talent in the world, but also have all the money they can ever want... There will be a point when the light bulb goes on, their "A" type personality kicks in, and they want to be a NFL champion. To add, they have had 2 full seasons and only 1 full offseason with each other... not an excuse, just a fact. The great defenses of the past didn't get great over night... they had 2-3 years of continuity to build/create... The Lions are just starting.

Who ever this GM is... if he is even still active in the NFL or not... is a flat out douche bag. Over rated? Hmmm.... let's take a look at that... 1. like one comment below this story... Mayhew and Schwartz took an 0-16 team to the playoffs in 3 seasons. 2. After making the playoffs, EVERY commentator has predicted the Lions miss this year's. 3. Suh had a hell of a Rookie year... decent year last year, though not as good... and has started this season under performing... EVERY commentator will tell you that. 4. the whole D-line is over rated???? STFU. Most teams would kill for this group of talent. On paper they look good. On the field they haven't looked so good... You want to talk about over rated, look at the NY Jets and leave Detroit alone.

And for my last random thought... This season, the lousy start, is an important and necessary step for the progression of this team. They took a big step last year, but they have still not won 'the big game'.... they may have led in comebacks last year... but can they comeback from a win/loss deficit?... I'm looking forward as a fan to how the Lions come out of the bye week and respond to the pressures of being down early. Young team, Young Coach.... it's time for them to grow up.

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