The Lions Offense Needs More Talent than Calvin, Linehan or Not, But If You Hate Linehan, Heres a Good Option to Replace Him

I'd be open to a new offensive coordinator next season. Whether you think Linehan is the problem or not....but there have been some head scratching moments this year that have made me doubt Linehan, as well as questionable playcalling at times, and being way to predictable? But then again, is it his fault the offense lacks any gamebreakers outside of Megatron? Lets be honest here, there is a major drop off after Calvin in terms of weapons in the passing game.

Now if you hate Linehan, heres a couple great options to replace him from Buffalo in Chan Gailey and his offensive coordinator Curtis Modkins.

If Chan Gailey gets fired from Buffalo, he'd be the perfect choice. His offensive scheme has helped get the abosolute most out of Ryan Fitzpatrick in Buffalo, and Fitz is a guy who is extremely limited in well as his entire offense aside from Stevie Johnson and the Running Backs. He runs the spread and runs it well, and i'd love to see what he can do with a talent like Stafford at QB. On a sidenote, he coached Calvin briefly for a year at Georgia Tech, and coached against Matthew Stafford against Georgia, the team he couldnt beat in college and came under much scruitiny for.

If the Bills finish strong which they could.....then current Bills OC Curtis Modkins would be an excellent choice as well. This would be a risk, but Chan currently calls the plays in Buffalo eventhough Modkins is the OC by title. Chan Gailey has been grooming and mentoring Modkins for years now, dating back to their time together in Kansas City.

Many also believe that QB Coach Randy Fichtner from the Steelers is more than ready to be an NFL offensive coordinator. If Norv Turner gets fired from the Chargers somehow, theres another option. But I'd say Chan is the man

One post on Bleacher Report says : "Another tough loss for a team that is still missing some ingredients to be legitimate contenders. "

Couldnt of said it better...... this team ideally needs better weapons on offense to complenent Megatron. The offense is far too predictible, and everyone in the league has figured out that Calvin Johnson is all this team has for an offensive weapon, and im sorry to say but as much as I love LeShore, he's not a homerun threat that C.J Spiller is that this team needs on offense, but regardless is still fantastic player.....but Calvin is the man on this offense and unfortunately everyone else around him is just a major drop off.

Next year in free agency, this team might want to consider a deal for Mike Wallace, or pursuing Malcom Floyd and possibly upgrade at TE with a pursuit of Fred Davis....I know this team is up against the cap, but make the space, cut some guys

Im dreading taking a reciever in the draft again since this team has done it so much before, but Keenan Allen, Justin Hunter and Robert Woods should also be targets along with a physical cornerback in the first and second rounds of the draft .....even if free agent additions happen.....

On a side note...... The Defense has played well most of this season but again..... Turnovers and opposing teams defenses scoring points will hurt any defense, but im not a fan of this wide 9 scheme die to its vulnerability against the run that we saw weeks agao, but when its working, it seems to work well, and it seems to work best when Nick Fairley and Ndamukong Suh are both playing well.

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