Draft Prospects 2012/2013 Pt.1

It's that time of the year when Lion's fans usually start looking towards the draft and hopefully who will the Lion's FO pick in the upcoming draft. I have poured through statistics and these prospects are who I have come up with. Most fit the Lion's current scheme and announced draft preferences. In no way, is this a round by round post, just who I have isolated first.

Onterio McCalebb - 5-10 175lbs, Auburn, RB/WR/ATH

Onterio is one of those unique talents our offense is missing...he can run the ball, catch the ball, and do well on special teams as a punt/kick returner. He is more of a 5th-7th round prospect, who runs the 40 in an estimated average of 4.38 secs. Some scouts believe he may have 4.2 40 speed. This prospect would effectively replace Jahvid Best who, lets face it, is better off retired. He is my absolute favorite prospect that I feel could help the Lions from day 1.

Jordan Poyer - 5-11 190lbs, Oregon State, CB

Jordan is one of the nation's top corners leading in passes defended if my memory serves me right. He has the prototypical size and speed. He is a 1st round prospect for sure with his play in the PAC 12.

Philip Thomas - 6-1 215lbs, Fresno State, SS/FS

Philip Thomas is an under the radar-esque talent that is one of the leading safeties in INT's this year in college football WITH a good non-conference performance seeing as how he plays in the Mountain West. He posesses good size and speed for a safety and could replace Louis Delmas or Amari Spievey. With the lack of INT's when they would help us, a ballhawking safety would help turn around our back four. He is also a Jim Thorpe Award Finalist this year.

Josh Evans - 6-1 205lbs, Florida, FS/SS

Josh is a rising safety talent from Florida who is on the NFLPA watch list for his play in the SEC. Slightly more diminuitive frame than Philip Thomas, Josh is someone who can play both safety spots, and could possibly have an impact in his rookie year.

Braxston Cove - 6-3 305lbs, Notre Dame, C/OG

Braxston Cove is arguably the nation's top center, alongside Alabama's Barrett Jones. He has been singled out by the Lombardi Award, Outland Trophy, and Rimington Award on their finalist ballots for his outstanding play. He possesses the prototypical interior lineman frame and the flexibility to move to guard as well. His interior line flexibility is another reason why I single him out. Schwartz is on record saying he likes multi-dimensional players.

Braden Hansen - 6-5 308lbs, BYU, OG/OT/C

Braden is a multi-talented lineman singled out by the Lombardi and Outland awards for stellar play. He does not have the prototypical interior lineman size, but has the talent to play any position on the OL. He may be a good mid round prospect that may come in to replace Peterman or Cherilus.

Zach Ertz - 6-6 252lbs, Stanford, TE *rJr

I seriously hope this guy leaves early. He is in my mind the #1 TE prospect for 2014 and a top 3 TE prospect for 2013. I would trade down into the teens or early 20's to nab this guy to replace Pettidrop....I mean Pettigrew. He is on record as saying he LOVES to block, and leads all TE's in receptions, and TD's if my late night memory is right. He is probably my second favorite prospect if he enters the 2013 Draft.

Quanterus Smith - 6-5 248lbs, Western Kentucky, DE/OLB

Here me out folks before you blast me about value picks. His stock will fall somewhat due to suffering a season ending injury. He is the nation's sack leader and TFL leader as well. He has the size we look for in DE's and can bulk up another 15-30lbs to have the elite frame. He is fast but strong as well, with a good non-conference performance this year against the big boys. If he was healthy, he would be a top 20 talent. He may slide into the 3rd round with his injury. I like him, but he would be a value pick if he slides due to injury.

Jaime Collins - 6-3lbs, Southern Mississippi, OLB/DE

Last, but not least, the best pure talent IMO at OLB in this upcoming draft. He could climb into the 1st round and he could easily keep climbing. He does have great speed, but not enough size IMO to transition to DE. He can easily replace Levy. He has the best non-conference record of any non-BCS league LB. A true talent with no evident red flags. My 3rd favorite prospect

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