If the coaching staff sucks, so does the whole team! Get rid of Gym Shortz?

Stafford's mechanics have gone south, why not dump him, he's making the same mistakes as last year and the year before. He has regressed this year.

Calvin has been dropping passes like never before since his concussion, why not trade him before he gets another? He is regressing this year, he can't find the end zone.

Pettigrew can still block but he drops em, gets stripped easily, and fumbles. He has regressed this year.

Scheffler was never a great blocker, tips balls, fumbles and frankly isn't any good at tackling after tipping the ball to the opponent. He has regressed this year.

Best is MIA. Schwartz should have known better.

Burleson got injured, that's Schwartz's fault. He must have regressed.

Titus well let's forget about him. What was Schwartz thinking when Mayhew drafted him?

Leshoure as stated during the GB game by the announcers (coming from Linehan) can't recover for the next game if he has more than 20 carries. That's why Bell cleans up for him. How could Schwartz not know that Mikel cannot carry the ball 20 times in 2 consecutive games?

Apart from Calvin, most of our receivers have had a hard time getting separation from defenders. Looks like we're a one trick pony. The Broyle game is an exception. That has to be bad coaching.

Delmas is always injured because he doesn't know how to tackle. I can't say he has regressed, we never get to see him. But, when he plays, you'll see him thrust his shoulder on an opponent's thigh, his knee hit the turf and the medical team come out. 4 Injury filled years and he's the soul of our defense, it says a lot about it.

Avril at 10M a year is trying to learn to play the run. I can't figure this one out.

So we have so much talent and a new coach will take these guys to the playoffs in a new system. Sure :)! Rebuild an aging O line, get 2 DE's, 1 Lb, a new secondary (2 safeties and a Cb), a feature back that takes less than 7 days to recover, 1 or 2 new TE, another WR that can find the opening and catch the ball.

You also have to do it with respect to union guidelines.

Maybe the players are not as good as you think they are and that is the head coach's fault. With the money Stafford, Suh and Johnson are getting, I can imagine how difficult it is to keep players and get high priced FA's.

I wonder what a new coaching staff can do with this. I'll let them try to get Titus on track.

We are what our record is because this is our true talent level. We miss on draft picks and it directly affects Schwartz, you coach who they give you and if the guy can't catch and fumbles, it's your fault, not the player.

We screwed up this year, so what? Shit happens to all of us. If we learn from our mistakes (that we have been committing game after game, year after year) there still exists a chance we may get it right. Nobody will make a player who can't catch a good receiver.

Just saying that maybe our talent level is not as high as we think it is. That reflects on the whole organization, not just the coach.

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