With a little magic, we could still make the playoffs at 7-9.

Obviously this requires some teams dropping games that they will probably win, but here's what I came up with on the ESPN play off machine:

(note: I'm not listing AFC vs AFC match ups because they don't really matter. An asterisk (*) denotes that the outcome of the game does not effect Detroit's chances of getting in the playoffs, but may affect seeding. But obviously, if too much changing happens, it could effect the playoff picture. Mainly I want to show what individual games can change and not kick Detroit out of the play offs.)

Week 13

DET over IND

ATL over NO

CHI over SEA*

GB over MIN

SF over STL

NYJ over ARI*

DEN over TB

PHI over DAL

NYG over WAS

CAR over KC*

Week 14

GB over DET

BUF over STL

CIN over DAL*

CHI over MIN

PHI over TB

BAL over WAS

ATL over CAR

SF over MIA

NYG over NO

SEA over ARI*

Week 15

DET over ARI

CIN over PHI*

NYG over ATL*

CHI over GB* (this game would determine who won the NFCN)

CLE over WAS

STL over MIN

NO over TB

BUF over SEA

SD over CAR*

PIT over DAL*

NE over SF*

Week 16

ATL over DET

DAL over NO*

GB over TEN*

PHI over WAS

TB over STL

CAR over OAK*

BAL over NYG*

HOU over MIN

CHI over ARI* (Though if CHI lost this game, CHI would play @GB in playoffs, DET@NY)

SF over SEA

Week 17

ATL over TB

DET over CHI

GB over MIN

NO over CAR*

NYG over PHI

WAS over DAL

SF over ARI*

STL over SEA

6th Seed - Detroit Wins tie break over New Orleans and Seattle based on strength of victory. Division tie break was initially used to eliminate Tampa Bay (New Orleans wins tie break over Tampa Bay based on head-to-head win percentage).

Okay, so obviously this relies on some "upsets" and MIN shitting their pants the rest of the season, which really isn't that far-fetched except for the game I had STL beating them. It requires some teams to win certain weeks and lose other weeks. But it's possible. Obviously we can play around a little more if we go 8-8 or 9-7. Other than a couple of games though, I don't think this scenario is completely ridiculous. Maybe PHI getting to 6-10, or the entire NFC east besides NYG being 6-10 is a little ridiculous.

Do I expect this to happen? No. But it's not out of the question anyways. The tough win will be vs CHI, but we could still get in with losses @ GB and vs ATL, with a little magic.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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