Okay, 2013 draft talk

Since we are eliminated from the playoffs we might as well talk about the draft. Defense needs help obviously but there has been some important growth on this team which makes me feel we will be the real deal next year. We are playing to the level of our competition. We proved we can beat any talent level in the NFL but we need some pieces still. The problem we seem to be facing right now is an inability to close things out. You can blame offense, defense, whatever but it is the biggest problem. So this is how I would like to see the draft go. It appears we will be in the 8-15 range so this is what I would like.

Round 1. lots of options here but I'd be happy with any of these players depending on where they fall.

Manti T'eo - ILB - If he is available he could have an instant impact early on by providing needed run support and leadership.

Chance Warmack - G - Sure you may not think we need offense especially this early but with this guy and the RB situation we will be going into next year we would be much improved in short yardage situations and our ability to close things out on the ground would be greatly improved. Instant impact.

Millner - CB - I feel the least likely since we drafted something like 3 CBs last year to fight it out but he is starting material in a place we desperately need help. With better secondary support we could play more bump and run making the opposing QB hold the ball longer which translates into more sacks and turnover opportunities.

Although I think most would disagree I like Chance Warmack the best. OL is getting old and we need fresh talent there. T is an option too since Gosder may not be back but Backus has one more year and Reiff can hold things down at RT for a year. Guys like this don't come around often and he could supplant Peterman right away. We've been drafting and developing a lot of DBs and LBs anyways.

Round 2. We draft for best player available so we need to draft the best S available. I don't care who as long as they are the best safety on the board. Only other option here would be a stud CB that slipped.

Round 3. Call me crazy and maybe this would be better for round 4 but I say Denard Robinson. I hated him at QB as much as anyone but look at it this way. If Best doesn't come back we have a speed back again. If Best is back then develop him as a WR. At a minimum he can return kicks and punts so he brings instant value and Stephan Logan would no longer be needed. Although I'm not a huge fan of the wildcat it becomes an offensive option as well. Other options here really depend on the first two picks.

Round 4-7. We need DEs so pick up a couple to develope. Maybe another DB to compete with the others we drafted last year. I don't really expect any starters out of these rounds so where ever the team needs depth or competition.

So these are my opinions but what do you think? Agree? Disagree? What would you like to see?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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