On What Lions Should Do in the Offseason, 2013 draft, Avril, Suh, T'eo, Schwartz, and Mayhew

First off at the top, Martin Mayhew needs to go...and it's not because I dislike him so much, im just urging for someone thats not so status quo.....Mayhew to me still has that Matt Millen stench on him since he ascended from the spot under him. He's made some questionable decisions so far.

I think talking to Buffalo Bills Assistant GM Doug Whaley would be an excellent idea given his long successful track record with the Steelers. He was a canidate for the Bears, Seahawks, and Colts GM positions and im sure another team will attempt to steal from from the Bills if they dont promote him to GM

New York Giants Colege Scouting Director, Marc Ross, might be the strongest canidate with an impressive run of stout draft classes and the Packers John Dorsey is another solid choice.......San Deigo's Director or Player Personel Jimmy Raye III is another great choice. Floyd Reese from the Patriots 4 years ago wanted this job and praised the Ford Family. Also from the Pats who'd be solid would be Director of Player Personnel, Nick Caserio and College Scouting Director Jon Robinson. Bill Polian is avilable and would make a great consultant to hire the right man, similar to Carolina using Ernie Acorsi in this fashion. Clearly there are names out there for the job.

Jim Schwartz undoubtedly needs to be fired. The team is once again among the most penalized teams in the NFL. If they were winning, this could be overlooked (though it shouldn't be) but they aren't, so it can't be. It's not a good thing when your Head Coach is as undisciplined as his team, and its clear he has no control over this group.

Plenty of solid head coaching canidates available: Gus Bradley, Winston Moss, Jay Gruden, Dirk Koetter, Russ Grimm, Rob Ryan, Perry Fewell, Marty and Brian Schottenheimer, Bruce Arians, Tom Clements, Kyle Shannahan.

Lastly Ndamukong Suh and Titus Young need to be cut or traded.

Now on T'eo, I love this player, but im sorry but the Lions need to trade down from their spot....even if Manti T'eo is available .... I wouldnt want to pass on T'eo but this team has multiple holes it needs to fill and T'eo doesnt really solve a need..... Tulloch, Levy, and Durant are a fine trio of linebackers but its Gunther Cunninghams wide 9 scheme that really makes them look worse than they really's way too soft of a scheme and its been too much of a mixed bag this season....there have been times where it as looked good, and there have been plenty of times where the scheme has looked bad and frustrating

The "Wide 9" is a major liablilty against the run (Ask Philly and Tennensee) and although Detroit's talent in the middle with Suh, Fairley and Corey Williams help cover up for those liabilites at times they still statistically are the 5th worst team in the league against the run per carry...........I want it scrapped from Detroit's playbook......Especially when I have Matt Forte and Adrian Peterson in my division and I have to play 4 games a year against them.....

Detroit has the 5th worst defense in terms of points allowed in the league and that needs to be improved upon greatly.....All great playoff teams have great defenses and Detroit hasn't had a great defense since when? The Chris Speilman days?

Reverting back to T'eo and the NFL Draft again.....if anything this team would need Dee Milner, CB Alabama more......I might even be interested in Star Lotouleli, DT from Utah or a pass rushing DE, depending on what happens with Ndamukong Suh and if the coaching staff and front office are back. I wont be suprised if everyone's back knowing this team, but I surely know I dont want Suh back.

Avril will probably be gone so i'd trade his rights for a pick....i'd move on from Pettigrew and get a better tight end who can get more vertical in this offense. I'm interested in trading down and stockpiling picks and drafting Tyler Eifert, TE, Notre Dame in the late first. If not him, i'd be all for Jared Cook or Fred Davis.

We need another corner, and a better Strong Safety.......Most importantly, we need a #2 Reciever. We probably need some O-Line help as well.....Maybe tackle depth......But certainly, more physicallity on the interior line as well.....i'd target Andy Levitre from Buffalo.

The Lions have talent at the skill positions.....they have a quarterback, whom with a better head coach, better offensive coordinator, and better QB coach can be something with.....they have the best WR and best player in football...

The defense also has building blocks in the front 7 and could be something with a better scheme and better DC....But they need a secondary (CB and SS), multiple recievers, interior lineman, and a replacement pass rushers for Avril, and the aging KVB...

The best thing for Detroit to do would be to trade down and get more picks.....but they wont do that, instead....if Martin Mayhew is retained.....he's probably looking at the college football injury report right now for his first round pick.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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