In A Perfect Offseason

I know some of us, myself included, in the POD nation are getting excited about the draft already but I'm having a really hard time figuring out WHERE our greatest position of need is. Every time I start thinking about the draft I get frustrated and lose focus because I feel like we've still got so many areas of need. But I think I'll have a better idea of how I want the draft to play out if you guys can help me decide something...

Who on the current roster should definitely stay and who should definitely go?

Feel free to answer this question without even thinking of contracts. I just wanna know the Top 10 guys you would NOT get rid of and the Top 10 guys that have gotta go! Pretend you're Ford and you can just dump or keep anyone you want. Also, feel free to list coaches as well. Please keep Hanson and Muhlbach off the list unless you REALLY want them gone! Also, let's assume Titus is done!

Here's my list (in no particular order):


  1. Calvin
  2. Staff
  3. Suh
  4. Tully
  5. Reiff
  6. Fairley
  7. Houston
  8. Grew (I know a lot of people want him gone but I still think he's solid)
  9. Burleson (crazy, I know. I just think he brings so much extra to this team)
  10. Delmas

Honorable mentions : Mikel, Broyles (he'll be good), Sims, Scheff, Bell and SLH

Get rid of them

  1. Raiola
  2. Peterman
  3. Cherilus
  4. Avril
  5. KVB
  6. Nick Harris
  7. Levy (I have never liked Levy. And although he's probably having his best season, he needs to go!)
  8. Logan
  9. Lacey ( He's just not an NFL caliber corner... none of our corners besides CH are)
  10. Delmas (yes, I listed him on both. Love his passion and fire but he misses tons of tackles and more importantly misses tons of games!)

Did I answer my own question? I have been wanting a safety or a corner for two years and yet here I am... looking at my Top 10 drops and seeing that OL and DE need to be evaluated.

Please help me out, guys! I would love to go into the draft having a position to root for in the first round. Sadly, it appears we'll be getting a top 8 pick! I had such high expectations for this season!!!

and yes... I would not mind if Gunny, Linny, or Schwartz are gone next year. However, I don't think all three getting canned is a good idea. The players deserve some continuity and a chance to rebound from this wildly disappointing season. Season?... more like nightmare.

Thanks, gang!

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