The 2nd Inaugural Pride of Detroit Mock Election

Hey guys, since Mavyrk's been busy, I asked if I could take over the inaugural POD election and ceremony. I will do my best to keep up the tradition started by Mav. We're going to have elections today for a variety of different awards, some that were given out last year, some are new to this year. I've changed some of the names as well to accommodate to the NFL this year. Vote for your choices after the jump! And remember, this is all in good fun.

The first part of the mock election will be more about the posters on this site, while the second half will be more of the posts on the site.

1) Most likely to get in an argument

AKA: The Brett Favre Award

Well, I think this one is going to be a runaway. Vote anyway. This award should go to the person that starts the most arguments on POD. No need for any other explanation for this one.

2) Most likely to post a picture

AKA: The Jenn Sterger Award

This person lives by the saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words." It doesn't matter really what they're getting in to, they'll post a picture. While it might not make the most sense all of the time, this person's pictures reasonably do the job well enough.

3) Most long-winded

AKA: The Roy Williams Award

Whether it's just the sheer length of the post or comment or the fact that they really want to know what they're talking about but don't, this person delivers comment after comment of pure nonsense, illogical reasoning, and completely unjust length. But for it.

4) Most funny

AKA: The Joe Namath Award

This is the guy who you always want to see a comment or post from. This guy/gal can make anyone laugh at any given moment. He may be drunk, stoned, or stone sober, this person consistently produces quality laughs time after time, and it doesn't matter if he talking about football or not.

5) Debbie Downer

AKA: The Roger Goodell Award

This person found huge faults in the following games this year: Detroit's blowout wins against KC, Denver, and SD. Sure, we played alright, but come on, how many times should we have had that 3rd down conversion? We committed too many penalties! This poster can hardly find the good in anything.

6) Consistently best commenter/blogger

AKA: The Payton Manning/ Tom Brady Award

(I added these two together) This is the person who you will always see in the comment section, as well as the fanposts on the right side, and will occasionally be bumped to the front page. To put it simply, this guy knows his shit, and let's everyone else know about it too.

7) Nicest

(BTW, this one used to be called the Ndamukong Suh award. I LOL'ed.) AKA: The Tim Tebow Award

Doesn't matter if you hate Tebow or not, he's the nicest mother f***er around. Same goes to the guy/gal on here. It doesn't matter if you've just called their mother a whore, they will respond with God Bless.

8) Not so nicest

AKA: The Dominic Raiola Award

Yes, this person may need to "grow the f*** up" sooner rather than later. This person could take a simple debate about the win/loss prediction for next year and turn it into "your mother is a whore" debate. He's the opposite of whoever #7 was.


AKA: The Sean Yuille Award

This guy is the best. Without a doubt, he's the best on this site. I think we all know who that is.


This part goes to the posts of POD.

10) Best recurring article

AKA: The Dynasty Award

This goes out to your favorite post on the site that comes around once a week, once a month, etc...This post is sure to get mass amounts of page views, comments, and rec's. This is the post you can't wait to see again and again.

11) Best article of the year

AKA: The Drew Brees Award

This post broke out of the pack this year. This was the post that you had to rec, that you had to comment on, that everyone was commenting on. It may have made you laugh or cry, but it was excellent. It might have taken them awhile to put this post together, but it was worth it.

12) Worst post of the year

AKA: The Blaine Gabbert Award

The only thing to say about this post was UGH. Just...UGH.

13) Best comment of the year

AKA: The Marshawn Lynch Award

This comment was incredible. Timing? Perfection. Execution? Gripping. This may have been overlooked, or it may have received 32 rec's, but you were in awe of how good this comment was.

Alright fellas, let's get to voting. Last time this had 181 comments, so let's try and get close to the same on this one. Have at it, and remember it's all in good fun. Here's how to format your answers.

1. name

2. name

3. name

No need to repeat the name of the award, just put the name. Rec this so everyone sees and get to it!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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