The 2nd (Inaugural?) Pride Of Detroit Awards Ceremony

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First off, sorry for the wait. I had some free time on my hands at first to do the voting post, but then my weeks got hectic with school. Anyway, welcome to the second Pride of Detroit awards ceremony! This year, I will be your host, and I will try to do my best to have this year's ceremony be just as good as last year's. We had some good battles this year, so thanks to everyone that made this year at POD just as good as last year! Let's get to the results.

The Brett Favre Award (arguments)

Who else? The second biggest run away in this year's ceremony was in this category. I think we all know who our favorite argumentative POD member is: Joshsun. Congrats on winning this award for the second year in a row, buddy. And just to get your rocks off: Ndamukong Suh, Jim Schwartz, the lockout, pass interference calls, roughing the quarterback, refereeing in general, Tebow.


The Jenn Sterger Award (pictures)

Well, there seemed to be a possibility of a new winner for the Jenn Sterger award this year, but the past always mirrors the future, or something like that. Fuck it, CLF stills runs away with this one. The only other person to receive a vote for this one was Sean, who was voted for by CLF. We can always count on you, CLF, to post the most random, funny, and immature pictures all over POD. Thanks for all you do, although I thank the internet more.

The Tim Tebow Award (nicest)

Fuck you guys. I won.

The Dominic Raiola Award (not nice)

While I believe everyone on POD could win this award at one point or another, there's always that one guy who either takes it too far, or just enough to be a total dickhead. Other teams' fans hate this person. He once had a one-day ban from POD. He can say "fuck you" in Russian while speaking Italian Pig Latin. He can bring you down with one single blow. He's the person Taylor Swift and Adele sing about, the one who literally breaks people's hearts with his words. Delusional, congrats on this award. Packers fans will certainly rejoice in knowing you ran away with this one.

The Roy Williams Award (long-winded)

Our first tie of the second year of voting is in the most long-winded award. Luckily, I didn't have to flip a coin or play eenie, meenie, miney, mo (what?) to decide. Tuff and Evilsmurf came in with 40+ percent of the vote. Brotherly love, huh? Although there was some confusion on this nominee, I think we got this one right. Brief? Short? Straight to the point? What are these foreign words?

Luckily, they always bring great information to the table. The Two Bros podcast was always a great way to pass up an extra hour or four. Keep up the good work gentlemen.

The Peyton Manning/Tom Brady Award (best blogger/commentator)

Closest race yet, which suits this award more than any other (ya know, Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning debate ... get it?) This guy always puts out ... great articles and comments. Without him, our FanPosts wouldn't be the same, our comment section would be ... well ... filled with a bunch of other people's comments, I guess. Tuff wins his second award, with a very close second to Mr. Sean Yuille himself. Tuff always has very good information to write about, and despite it being lengthy, I know I read every word. Congrats.

The Joe Namath Award (funny)

Well gentlemen and gentlewoman, we have our first real tie. And there's only one way to decide who actually gets this award. CAPTION CONTEST! So Leo and Nate D., here is your picture. May the funniest man win.


And if neither of you can come up with something for this, then neither gets the award. No cheating. How will I know if you're cheating? I don't know. But I will find you. And you won't like what you see. Honorable mention goes out to Jazzy. Keep up the hilariousness guys.

The Roger Goodell Award (downer)


Just typing about this award kind of bums me out, so I'm going to keep this short and sweet, because Joshsun might be moaning about the length of the post already.

(We still love you, dude.)

The Sean Yuille Award (MVP)

Well this award was the most diverse of all. We had seven (7!) different nominees for this prestigious award, so I'd like to say something about each of them individually before we get to the winner.

Profiler: For sure one of the most consistent commenters on this site. Every post I expect to see some knowledge from The Profiler. Thanks for what you do, bro.

Tuff and Evilsmurf: Can't really say anything that hasn't been said already about these guys. Informative, nice, consistent, etc., etc. Good on ya, mates.

Joshsun: Yeah, yeah, we love ragging on you for what you do, but he consistently gives his opinion even if nobody wants to hear it. He's the one that makes the comments of a post go from 12 to 112. Keep it up.

Ralphiegoblue: Hey Kalzilla, he doesn't count.

Sean Yuille: The actual winner of the Sean Yuille award (coincidence, of course). I mean, without this guy, I wouldn't be making this post in the first place. Thanks.


And now for the second half of the awards ceremony.

The Dynasty Award (best recurring article/post)

With a full head of steam, this article, week by week, was everyone's favorite. On Paper by Simscity is the runaway winner. I know I was always excited when seeing this post come out. Great research, good info, and an unbiased (slightly) opinion.

Second place goes to the Two Bros podcast. A lot of love for that.

The Drew Brees Award (best post)

I dunno, I guess people liked this post. I don't wanna talk about it anymore. The winner is POD Bar by yours truly. Once again, fuck off.

The Blaine Gabbert Award (worst post)

Everyone kind of had the same idea for this one. Whoever had the idea to trade Ndamukong Suh or trade Calvin Johnson, get off the hard drugs. Switch to booze, or stay sober. Those posts were just the ones to make CLF or Sean post this.


Although after remembering the "Eat my ass" post that was up for a good 2 hours total, I think we may need to have a recount. What say you, Al Gore?

The Marshawn Lynch Award (best comment)

Guiseppe Webb, Jon Webb, Jesus Webb, Jamarcus Webb, Jim Bob Webb, Julio Webb, etc. This 4th quarter thread was quite possibly the funniest thread we've ever had. If it wasn't so gosh darn painful to watch, I would have laughed harder at these comments, which all win best comment of the year.

We had some write-ins for a few guys/gals of POD as well. In the interest of keeping this shorter than 23 pages, I'll just put them down here.

Most Underrated (The Matthew Stafford award) - kwfords. Keep it up, man.

Best Newcomer (The Cam Newton Award) - Lionsgal. Thank Wayne Fontes and Profiler for this one.

Well there you are, guys. Another year, another great POD awards ceremony. Call a cab, tip your waiter, and we'll see you all next year.

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