Profilers secondary concerns

I know I can't possibly be alone in having a concern about our secondary after this season. I just want to explain my thoughts and opinions on a few issues I personally see from this year. I can name every Corner on our roster and not one that I feel safe matching up against the best wide outs in the NFL. So let me break it down for you a little.

Chris Houston - He is without question our best and most reliable player at the corner position. Some chronic shoulder problems have been a concern but for the most part he plays in every game and and does a solid job. A very good backup/ #2 cornerback. He has some decent ball skills and maybe the only corner back there who can really tackle. He's never gonna be Woodson or Mathis but he can always be on of those guys who is an excellent fall back plan and a role player on defense.

Eric Wright - I know alot of people on POD don't want to hear this but here it is. Eric Wright is a good corner but to damn inconsitent. The Saints game was just my last straw with the guy. The talent and physical abillity is all there for him but it seems the mental mistakes only come at the worse possible times. Eric can be a #2 corner if he can get his mistakes under control. I can't stand watching our DBs on the blooper reel on a weekly basis. While Wright dosen't make mistakes all the time he has had some very stellar games. Seems like sometimes the pressure of being the guy that has to make the stop gets to him. I really do like the guy he needs to find the coach that can cure him of Lebrons disease.

Aaron Berry - A terrific pickup off of UDFA a couple seasons ago. He has a great upside and maybe someday he can be a #1 corner but I'm not holding my breath. He shows all the signs of being a good NFL corner but he lacks the big play abillity of what the real elite DBs in this league have. Maybe he develops it it the coming years but right now Berry is a #2 at best but more likely a nickle. As far as Depth guys go this guy is excellent corner depth and it's hard to come by good depth at the corner postion. I love the fact that he is young and where his deveolpment has seemed to be headed but I'm not ready to lean on him yet in any way.

The Phonz - Yeah I'm gonna do this. The Phonz has a great skill in his abillity to play the ball. He is the ball hawk of the secondary and in my opinion dosen't get enough playing time to really develop this skill. With that said he can't tackle worth a lick which dosen't make him a bad corner. To be honest I don't know a ton of corners that really do tackle well. Needs so good coaching to hone his skills and I think he can be real play maker his problem I feel is he wants the ball to much. Sometimes my guy needs to not go for the INT and just take the stop. Again love the youth and direction of his development. Played well as the #2 the prior year while everyone will point to Tom Brady I will continue to point to the rest of the games he played very well in. A #2 corner and nickle he's also and excellent situational player and faired well on special teams as well.

Amari Spivey - I like the guy but I am now starting to belive the saftey move just isn't working out. He's been benched to many times before his injury. I feel if it hadn't been for injury there is a decent chance he wouldn't have started all year anyways. Good depth player especially with experince at CB and S. Maybe in time his game will improve and he can be a starting DB in the NFL I have seen some quality stuff from him. I think right now though the Lions are probably quitely discussing the problems at that saftey spot. Harris and Coleman will not be the solution.

Louis Delmas - What can I say I love Louis so suh me. Plays hard and hits harder! My problem with Delmas is sometimes he needs take it down a notch or so and play a little smarter. My largest concern is the the Bob Sanders problem. He seems to love being the missel so much so that it seems like it has already taken its toll on his well being. I think Louis has the potential to be an elite saftey in the NFL. If he can one play smarter at times and not just go for the bone shattering hit and two he must find away to stay healthy from here on out.

I am leaving out Harris and Coleman for the simple fact that Coleman didn't get much playing time and I can't see us keeping both players. Harris came in when we needed him badly and no matter what you say without him we would have been in a real bad situation. As you can see though there really isn't one corner I invision as a #1 corner to matchup against the leagues best recivers. I want someone who can tackle, has the hands to take the ball, can play smart and know when and when not to make the play, and the abillity to be a dagerous threat in the secondary. All things that I belive Mayhew seen in Patrick Peterson they type of corner I think he really deep down is hungery to aquire. I feel we need that guy to take our defense to the next level. It's not like we don't have a 2nd guy to compliment him.

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