Cliff Avril #PayDaMan

Yes I used a twitter hash tag in a POD fanpost. Perhaps I have revolutinzed the way we do things? This is a post to show not how much I want to keep Cliff. Which is alot by the way. This post is simply to make a point the Avril deserves to get paid. I know there are still alot of "haters" or "doubters" about Avril and for the life of me I don't why. Up until a couple of years ago he was the only defense we had. Now I am in the belief that Mayhew has to pay Avril not only for the teams best intrest but to prove to the rest of the team that like Ozzie Newsome, Martin Mayhew will take care of his own. Post is pretty basic these are the top 5 paid defensive ends by 2012 cap hit and the stats from 2011. After that we will look at Avrils season and see how he compares. I am looking at the sats as I type this hoping my point will be made. Perhaps I will learn something but no matter what I stand strong on my Avril line.

D. Freeney - $19,035,000 ,19 tackles, 8.5 Sacks, 2 FFum

E.Dumervil - $14,500,000, 42 tackles, 9.5 sacks, 0 FFum

T. Hali - $14,250,000, 66 tackles , 12.0 sacks, 4 FFum

J. Allen - $14,250,000 , 66 tackles, 22.0 sacks, 4 FFum, 1 Int

J. Peppers - $11,333,333, 37 tackles ,11.0 sacks, 3 FFum

These defensive ends all have one thing in common. As of right now they have highest cap numbers in the 2012 season. Am I saying Avril should be paid more than them? Not saying that but I thing it shows us the market of an elite pass rusher. Now lets looks at how Avrils stats matchup these men.

Cliff Avril - Free Agent (Detroit Lions)

36 tackles - More than Freeney and one less tackle than Peppers

11.0 Sacks - More than Freeney and Dumervil equal to Peppers

6 FFum - twice of Peppers and more than the other 4 as well

1 Int - Only Jared Allen matches that

2 Defensive TD - None of the others had even 1!

You pay a player based on his last season. I dunno about you but based on this last season I can honestly say Cliff Avril is worth top 5 defensive end money. Cliff is alot of things but when some people use the word overrated. It's a flat out lie when you put up numbers like that and you aren't paid like Julius Peppers. 6 forced fumbles is the definition of Ball Out! So as much as I want Cliff to stay in the D you can't argue the man has earned his pay day.

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