Offseason Game Plan

Alright just having a little fun messing around with some possibilities for the offseason. Not necessarily what I think we will do and may not be realistic in some opinions. Everything is after the jump.

Note: I was getting tired of writing and didn't explain every single reason for why guys did or didn't make the roster.

Resign Players:
-Resign Stephen Tulloch
No brainer. He was solid for us and Mikes aren't a common commodity.
-Resign Eric Wright
While many of you seem not to like him, I do. I think he played well for us until his injury and he still played well for having to play injured. Can't hurt to at least keep him til someone proves they can replace him.
-Resign Jeff Backus
-Resign Shaun Hill
-Resign Kevin Smith
He earned it.
-Let Cliff Avril walk
I say this for multiple reasons. Let me first say that I have been a fan of Cliff for as long as he has been here. I knew someday he would prove he is a good player. Now with that said, I don't think we can afford him. I say let him walk, recieve his payday from some spend happy team somewhere else. Instead of forking out to keep him we now have money to bring back Tulloch and Wright and still keep a little extra cap room.

-Calvin's contract to open up some more cap room. Sign him for as long as possible.
-KVB's contract. Lock him up so he can retire a Lion with some Super Bowls under his belt haha.

-Corey Williams. I Like the guy but he has a big contract and we have the talent to make him expandable. There are a lot of team looking to add a DT so I bet we could pick up at least a 5th for him. For this I am going to aim high and say we Mayhew a 4th rounder for him.

Free Agents:
-Sign Brandon Carr. KC signs Stanford Routt and bring back Dwayne Bowe. Carr becomes the odd man out. We bring him home and strengthen our secondary.
Sign Ben Grubbs. We need a guard to replace Peterman. I hate Peterman.
-Sign a Safety:
Brandon Merriweather. Add a little competition to come to camp. He could beat out some guys and maybe push for a spot on the roster. Its all about the U.
-Sign a Wide Reciever:
Maybe a guy like Devin Aromashodu, Josh Morgan, Legedu Nannee. Possession type guys.
-Sign Ashlee Palmer. He played well on ST. I think he gets brought back in, at least a camp invite.

1st- Nick Perry DE USC
-Lots of guys will be available to choose from at 23, but Mayhew and Co. will pull the trigger on the prospect of a speedy end to bolster the D-line. He will also ease the pain of letting Cliff walk and can replace KVB in the long run.
2nd- Peter Konz.C Wisconsin
-Probably won't be around when we pick on day 2, might not even make it past round 1, but for this I say he falls. He can replace Riola in the near future (hopefully from day 1)
3rd-Josh Norman CB Coastal Carolina
-Again he might not make it to us in Round 3. He isn't really under the radar anymore but maybe, just maybe we get him. I was tempted to chalk up Stephen Hill here as well.
4th-Tommy Streeter WR The U
-Big target. Can come in and compete and most likely win the #4 WR spot. Imagine him and Calvin on the outside with Nate and TD in the slot.
4th- Shea McLellin DE/OLB Boise St
-This guy is extremely versatile and can play all over the field. I think our defense needs to start showing different formations and line guys up in different spots. This guy can make that possible.
5th-Tom Compton OT South Dakota
-Big strong hard working guy that could develop into a starter in the next 2-3 years
7th- Foshwitt Whittaker RB Texas
-Guy has speed. Can return kicks and punts. Can carry the ball and catch it. Could potentially take over for Jahvid if he were not to return.

-A QB. Potential guys include Case Keenum, Darron Thomas, and Dan Persa. This class has a lot of depth in the QB position
-A RB. Jason Ford from Illinois is a big brusier with enough speed to make him a real sleeper. Tavaris Cadet from Appalachian State is another big guy with speed. Both could come into camp and try to earn a spot on the roster/p.s.
-Another TE. Don't have any names but we usually bring one in.
-A OL from out of nowhere who could fight for a spot.
-Another DT to fight for a spot
-A few LBers. dont really have any names
-A couple CBs. Troy Woolfolk from Michigan. He was good prior to his injury and was able to bounce back a little bit his Senior year, he will most likely go undrafted and could be a nice pick up. DeAndre Pressley from Appalachian State is another guy with the ideal size and speed for a corner, he could find a spot on the p.s.
-A Saftey to toss into the mix. Someone who fits the free safety mold

This leaves us with a camp roster of (new additions bolded):
QB -Stafford, Hill, Darren Thomas (Stanton signs elsewhere)
RB -Best, LeShoure, K-Smooth, K-WIll, J Bell, Whittaker, T. Cadet (MoMo is done in the D)
WR. CJ, Nate, Titus, Streeter, Stovall, Davis, Aromashodu, M Harris, T Tolliver
TE Pettigrew, Scheffler, Heller, Overbay, UDFA
OT Backus, Cherilus, Hilliard, Fox, Culbreath, Compton
G Sims, Peterman, Grubbs, Davis, UDFA
C Riola, Konz, Gerberry

DE KVB, LoJack, Young, Perry, Ugo Chinasa, McLellin
DT Suh, Fairley, SLH, UDFA, Fluellen
OLB Durant, Levy, Carp, , Palmer, UFDA
MLB Tulloch, Hogue, Slade Norris, UDFA
CB Houston, Carr, Wright, Berry, Phonz, Norman, Woolfolk, Pressley
S Delmas, Spievey, Merriweather, Wendling, Silva, Coleman, Harris, UDFA

K Hanson, Some other guy we wont keep but still says throughout camp
P Donahue, Ben Graham
LS Muhlbach

Final Roster:
QB Stafford, Hill, Thomas
RB Best, LeShoure, K-Smooth, J Bell, Whittaker
WR CJ, Nate, Titus, Streeter, Davis, Tolliver
TE Pettigrew, Scheff, Heller
OT Backus, Cherilus, Hilliard, Compton
G Sims, Grubbs, Peterman
C Riola, Konz

DE KVB, Perry, LoJack, Young, McLellin
DT Suh, Fairley, SLH
OLB Durant, Levy, Carp, Palmer
MLB Tulloch, Hogue
CB Houston, Carr, Wright, Berry, Phonz, Norman
S Delmas, Merryweather, Spievey, SIlva, Wendling

K Hanson
P Donahue
LS Muhlback

Practice Squad:
RB Tavaris Cadet
WR Marcus Harris
CB/S Troy Woolfolk
CB DeAndre Pressley

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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