Our free agents

Here is a list of restricted and unrestricted Free Agents on our roaster going into the new season along with the published status of their contracts

Unrestricted FAs

92 Cliff Avril DE (Franchise tag)

76 Jeff Backus OT (negotiation)

59 Bobby Carpenter OLB

24 Erik Coleman SS

75 Leonard Davis G

82 Rashied Davis WR

50 Isaiah Ekejiuba MLB

96 Andre Fluellen DT

2 Ben Graham P

43 Chris Harris SS

36 Jerome Harrison RB

14 Shaun Hill QB

33 Brandon McDonaldCB

28 Maurice Morris RB

48 Don Muhlbach LS

30 Kevin Smith RB

5 Drew Stanton QB

80 Maurice Stovall WR

55 Stephen Tulloch MLB (negotiation)

21 Eric Wright CB (negotiation)

Restricted FAs

91 Sammie Hill DT (tendered 4th round)

78 Corey Hilliard OT (tendered 6th round)

54 DeAndre Levy OLB (tendered 3rd round)

58 Ashlee Palmer MLB (not tendered, may sign later)

Of the restricted, it was announced a while back that the team is not tendering an offer to Palmer. They will probably re-sign him later at a lower salary. Levy and Hill are critical pieces and will be tendered a club offer. I don't see any chances of either of them traded as they are role players. This leaves Hilliard as the odd man out. What works in his favor is the fact that he has been a decent backup and stepped in whenever called upon. They will probably re-sign him as well.

Of the UFAs, Avril is tagged as we all know. The team has let news out that they are negotiating with Backus, Tulloch, Hill and Wright. Hill will be signed during the Free agency period if he cannot find a starting role elsewhere. But he will taste the market and come back if he cannot find something better than his role here.

Backus will probably sign a 2 year deal with the Lions and probably retire as a Lion. Not sure about his iron man status though. Would be great if he can claim as some one who never missed starting a game his whole career.

I feel the FO will let Tulloch, Wright taste the market and sign them if they come back. Now that both are aware of the deal the Lions are offering, they can decide if they want to come back or play elsewhere.

The interesting thing about Tulloch is that everyone claims that Philly or Tampa will sign him. There is a good chance Tulloch will go to Philly or Tampa but both these teams draft before the lions and gave a good chance to landing the top two ILBs in the draft this year.

As for the remaining FA's, I see a good chance of Carpenter signing elsewhere. Ben Graham might stay back in the Oz.

Brandon Mcdonald, Eric Colemen, Leonard Davis, Isaiah Ekejiuba, Chris Harris, Jerome Harrison, Maurice Morris will probably not be signed in 2012.

Don Muhlbach will return and probably sign a long term deal (2-3 millions for 4-5 years), Rashied Davis as a special teamer for vet min. Kevin smith might be signed for another 1-2 years (back loaded with heavy performance based bonuses). Maurice Stovall will be signed for a year. This leaves Stanton and Fluellen. I think the FO will let them taste the FA market and resign them for the minimum. I strongly feel Stanton might not return to the lions in 2012.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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