The CB "Problem"

Well, guys (that includes you too, LionsGal - it's an androgynous "guys")
Happy Free agency!!

Calvin signed his deal to keep him a Lion the rest of the decade. So that's awesome. He will go down as one of the greatest Lions ever and just like the #20, I bet we see #81 jerseys at Lions games decades after he retires.

However, we lost Eric Wright to TB. This is a pretty big blow to an already questionable CB position. My thoughts after the jump:

The truth is, I'm really not that upset about losing Wright. Sure when I read that this morning I did yell a pretty loud cuss word (Yeah, we call them "cuss" words down here in the south) but I'm not really that upset. Maybe it's because it was pretty clear yesterday with all the interest he was garnering and I was prepared for him not being on the team anymore, but there's actually more to it than that. I think we might even be better off. I'll tell you why:

Wright just isn't the permanent answer. I think we all knew this, including the FO (hence the one year contract). WIth him on the team it makes our secondary, without injuries, okay. (not great, but okay) As The Profiler has most astutely observed we have a great collection of #2 corners but no #1. But now, we need another CB. At least one. Perhaps the hole Wright left is an opportunity to finally find that #1 guy? The thing is, I do not believe the CB position would've been that high on the priorities list if Wright had re-signed. There was a chance that the CB position would've remained essentially unchanged, judging from the importance (or lack thereof) the FO has placed on the CB position. I'm not down with this. I want a CB that'll take Brandon Marshall out of the game. Also, I'm not sure of the specifics of the deal financially, but I know I wouldn't want to sign Wright for 5 years that's for sure. (No offense, buddy)

So the question remains. What should the Lions do?

It seems they are showing little interest in any CB's. That might be because Wright just signed this morning. It might also mean they are planning on getting somebody in the draft. It might also mean they are biding their time to pull a Philly and be the dark horse to get a dude like Carr. (That would be doubly sweet to snatch him away from the Cowboys cause I know they're trying to get him) Or maybe, there's a 2nd tier CB they've had their eye on in FA and are just waiting for his price to come down. Hopefully the CJ contract will give the Lions some wiggle room cap wise and enable them to sign a few guys (I'd roll the dice on Landry personally, but that's another position. Though I guess it could mean Spievey could move back to CB, where he was drafted to play. Not sure I like that idea, though)

What do you guys think?

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