Salary Cap update 2-14 1pm

Well I guess it is time to do an update on the cap. First is the cap amount we have 120.6 million cap plus a carryover adjustment of 1.3 million along with a 1.5 million borrowing limit. That gives us roughly 123.4 million for the top 51 players in salary. As some of you know only the top 51 salaries count towards the cap not the practice squad or the 2 lowest paid players. So without further ado here is the info I got. I updated the info from Netrats latest info on some players and handled the futures contract info in here as well. So Right now we are sitting with 54 players signed or tendered however one tender was refused outright but still included. That puts us around 107,155,000 for the remainder of the free agency. Now who do we have left to sign.

Quarterbacks - Both backups, HIll and Stanton.

Running Backs - Morris, Smith, and Buckley

Wide Receiver - Stovall, Davis

Offensive Linemen - Backus, Davis

Defensive Lineman - Fluellen, Hill (refused tender), Avril (has a one year deal to be official come July)

Linebackers - Ekejiuba, Carpenter, Palmer, Tolluch

Defensive Backs - Coleman, Harris, Fuller, McDonald

Special Teamers - Mulbach

Given this list we really have only a few needs going forward. First is since we are over 51 players any future players signed will only impact our cap by its contract minus 390,000 at first until the low end starts moving upward. I doubt it will drop more than 600,000 dollars. Now we have 26 offense, 23 defense, and 2 speacial teamers signed up. Given that we have run 25, 25, 3 we have some moves still that have to be done. We have roughly 16 million to play with at this point however I think it will be lower say 15 million that the front office is going to work with.

Now here is were we will need to get some peices in place.

Quarterback - we will need 2 more players here given the salary implacations I can only guess it will cost us roughly 3 to 4 million to get the 2 players we need signed.

Running back - Frankly we are over by a player in this area so I only see this as a camp battle area.

Wide Receiver - I think we are touch heavy here as will so this spot will only be for camp battles in signings.

Tight End - We have 3 but I think we will be looking for another body here for a good competition at the number 3 spot

Offensive Line - Here we have enough players signed however it will be about camp battles more than anything else IMHO. Backus though should get signed shortly. I am hoping it will be for under 5 million. That would put us at 11 with us needing to get to roughly 9 OL.

Over all the offense is set except for QB and I say a couple more signings plus whatever the draft shakes out. As for the defense we have some areas of concern

Defense linemen - With 10 players signed or tendered we should be good however there is a bit of work to do. First is Avril needs a new long term contract that is under the league top 10 for DE IMHO. We also need to look at Hill versus Fluellen as to whether to go with 5 DTs or 4 DTs agian. We also need to pick up some camp bodies to keep our Numbers 4 from slacking off. DEs I think are set outside of Avril so we should be good to go for the camp.

Linebackers - Well lets just say we HOUSTON we have a problem. We have 4 players signed and with the need of at least 6 for the roster we are short by a couple of players. First is getting either another starting linebacker. We can bring back Tolluch to accomplish this but we still need two backups IMHO. Palmer and Carpenter would handle those jobs easy enough. However a 8th linebacker would benefit the camp and frankly I would like to see roughly 10 LBs IMHO for the camp.

Corner Backs - With only 4 players signed we have a need for some players. We only McDonald as a free agent here so I would expect to see some free agents from other teams brought in to see what they can do. I would also expect to see a draft pick for this spot as well. The major item is we have a few players that we liked from 2 years ago still here so this is the make it or break it year for the CBs. I would expect to see another 2 to 4 million in cap space eliminated to fill spots here since we need a starter in this location.

Safeties - Well here we have our starters selected and our 4th safety now it is just a back up that is required. Coleman or Harris could fill that role so I would not expect to see a lot of money being thrown here and any other signings is going to be for camp.

Last is our Special teams. Here I expect to see two more camp bodies signed to take the pressure off Hansen and Donahue. Mulbach though is a key area IMHO. Without him we are in risky shape as who do you want to handle 1/3rd of the possible mistakes for a field goal try.

Overall we are pretty close to being set. I would say the 15 million freed up with the contract changes and Calvin we are sitting pretty good.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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