First Fan Post! State of the Lions

I finally bit the bullet and signed up. I am probably going to be addicted and get fired from work....but I just couldn't take all the craziness with FA, the Calvin deal, my friends that are Bears fans, etc. Let this be my outlet. Hope it is useful to somebody out there. I will be excited if I get one comment I think.

So here is my take on the State of Lions post Calvin Mega Contract.

1. The Calvin Contract is a coup. The games best player that is not a QB gave the Detroit Lions a hometown discount to stay with the franchise for his entire career and did it because he loves Detroit, wants to win, and sees that we have a QB with the potential to be one of the greats. And yes he gave us a discount. On the open market, I am almost certain, Calvin could have gotten 18-20 Million dollars a year. If he road out his current contract and took his 21 Million this year and signed an 8 year 150mil deal that is a total of $170-75. So while he is being paid like a true man, he did what lots in professional sports wouldn't do : he cared about helping his team while he helped himself. This will certainly carry over when Stafford and Suh's contracts are up.

2. To all of those I have seen complaining about our cap situation and couldn't respond I have one thing to say. Thank Goodness you were dead wrong. Who would have thought that we would have 15 Million in cap space a week into FA? And that doesn't even count the obvious 15 Million of cap space that we have to play with in Cliff and CWill's contracts. We literally have 30 Million of possible space to play with and thus we can make any moves we would like. I suspect we will resign Tully for about 6 mil a year and sign either Laron Landry or O.J. Otogwe. My guess is both of them want to win after playing in such poor situations over the coarse of their careers. In my opinion Laron Landry would be a great signing for the right price. He is a STRONG safety. Both literally and figuratively and has the speed to cover. He and delmas would be a deadly duo and because Spievey is young and talented we might be one of the teams that has the most to gain from giving a guy a chance who has had injury problems.

3. I really want to harp on the Oline right now. It is in my opinion the one true weakness of our team assuming we resign Tully and a safety. What should we do? Well if McNeil passes his physical I think we have to take a shot on him. He has elite talent and is only 28. If he worked out for us it would be like a gift from upstairs. It would give us much more flexibility in the draft and allow us to take ALMOST anyone we wanted to if the value was good....other than a QB or a DT for goodness sake.

Master Plan for 2012 Detroit Lions!

Re-Sign Stephen Tulloch. 6 Mil a year 15 guarenteed with a 3 mil cap hit this year

Sign Laron Landry 5 mil a year 3 years 6 mil guarenteed with a cap hit of 3 mil this year

Sing Mcneil to a 2 year 10 million dollar deal with very little guarenteed money 5 mil against cap

Sing Ted Ginn Jr. to a 2 year 5 Million dollar deal with very little guarenteed money 2.5

Then i would trade Cliff Avril if he deal was right. A late first from a team like NE.

Draft an interior Olineman in the first round, Cordy Glenn would be the ideal, and show Peterman the door.

Draft a DE with the pick from NE. Word is the kid from USC will not be a top 20 pick because of his lack of an ability and desire to play in a 3-4 defense. Maybe take him with the 23rd pick and an alternative Olin

eman with the NE pick.

Draft a Center like the guy from Baylor in the 2nd round.

Draft a RB in the 3rd round to guarantee that we are good to go this year at that position.

Trade Corry Williams and a future draft pick or one in this draft for a player like Lawrence Jackson who is out there now. Preferably a Corner.

Wow I feel so much better having put all of that down. Sorry it is so long. It has been haunting my brain ever since we lost to the Saints. Super Bowl here we come. Can't wait for you guys to pick it all apart.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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