Reference & Opinions (I'm not a writer OK??!)

This is our roster which includes the 2012 cap hits by most players and my personal opinion of who is staying and leaving and by leaving I mean cut, not re-signed, traded etc. I also took into consideration the "rumor mill." That is to say the recent news that the Lions aren't near a deal with Tulloch and we will most definitely franchise Avril if we don't get a deal done by free agency.

*N/A will usually mean new deal is under construction i.e not re-signed yet or is not re-signing will the Lions

*UFA unrestricted free agent

*RFA Restricted free agent


Staying: Matthew Stafford(17 million), Shaun Hill(N/A)

Leaving: Drew Stanton(N/A UFA)

Total QB Cap Usage: 17 million+...

Running Back:

Staying: Jahvid Best(2.2215 million), Mikel Leshoure(733 thousand), Keiland Williams(490 thousand)

Leaving: Kevin Smith(N/A UFA), Maurice Morris(N/A UFA), Joque Bell(540 thousand)

Total Running Back Cap Usage: 3.4445 million

Wide Receiver:

Staying: Calvin Johnson(22 million*), Nate Burleson(4 million), Titus Young(1.154 hthousand), Stephen Logan(615 housand), Maurice Stovall(N/A UFA)

Leaving: Rashied Davis(N/A UFA)

Total Wide Receiver Cap Usage: 27.769 million+..

Tight End:

Staying: Branden Pettigrew(1.829 million), Tony Sheffler(2.05 million), Will Heller(1.183 million)

Leaving: none

Total Tight End Cap Usage: 4.422 million

Offensive Line:

Staying: Jeff Backus(N/A UFA), Gosder Cherilus(1.39 million), Stephen Peterman(2.725 million), Dominic Riola(3.4 million), Rob Sims(1.5 million),Jason Fox(600 thousand), Johnny Culbreath(562 thousand), Corey Hillard(N/A RFA),

Leaving: Leonard Davis(N/A UFA), Dylan Gandy(850,000)

Total Offensive Line Cap Usage: 10.177 million+...

Defensive Line:

Staying: Ndamakung Suh(10.850 million), Nick Fairly(2.247 hthousand), Corey Williams(6.083 million), KVB(5 million), Willie Young(506 thousand), Lawrence Jackson(2.135 million), Sammie Lee Hill(N/A UFA), Cliff Avril(N/A UFA)

Leaving: Andre Fluellen(N/A UFA)

Total Defensive Line Cap Usage: 26.821million+..


Staying: Justin Durant(3.125 million), Bobby Carpenter(N/A UFA), Douglass Hogue(510 thousand), DeAndre Levy(N/A RFA), Ashley Palmer(N/A UFA)

Leaving: Isiah Ekjiuba(N/A UFA), Stephen Tulloch(N/A UFA)

Total Linebacker Cap Usage: 3.635 million+..


Staying: Chris Houston( 4 million), Aaron Berry(490 thousand), Eric Wright(N/A UFA), Amari Spievey(723 thousand), Louis Delmas(1.367 million)

Leaving: Don Carey(540 thousand), Alphonso Smith(1.42 million), Chris Harris(N/A UFA), Erik Coleman(N/A UFA)

Total Secondary Cap Usage: 5.253 million+..

Special Teams:

Staying Jason Hanson(3.225 million), Ryan Danahue(465 thousand), Don Mulbach(N/A UFA), John Wendling(973 thousand)

Leaving: Ben Graham(N/A UFA)

Total Special Teams Cap Usage: 4.663 million+..

By The Numbers:

Total Cap Space Usage of 31 players: 103.1845 million

-total of 42 players meaning 11 contracts still have to factor in

-Big Names still need to be signed: Avril, Hill, Backus, Wright

Number of our free agents re-signed: 11

Number of players released: 15

Projected Salary Cap for 2012: 122 million

*You're probably pushing around 123 million by signing Avril, Hill, Backus and Wright.

-Lawrence Jackson is our 13th biggest cap hit

-Jason Hanson is 8th

-Tony Sheffler is 14th while Pettigrew is 15th

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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