My First Mock Draft

Well, This is my first mock ever so don't expect it to be perfect. Be as harsh as you want though. I will more than likely update in 1 time shortly before the draft so input is great.

1. Indianapolis Colts-QB Andrew Luck (Stanford) Nothing else to see here, let’s move along

2. Washington Redskins-QB Robert Griffin III (Baylor)-3 Firsts and a 2nd? Don’t think there is much question here either.

3. Minnesota Vikings- OT Matt Kalil (USC) This pick makes too much sense as well. He is the best prospect left on the board (IMO) and the Vikings gave up 50 sacks last season which was worst in the league. This line is getting old and Kalil could be a solid player on this line for years to come.

4. Cleveland Browns- RB Trent Richardson (Alabama) This Is where it gets tough, I had to go between Richardson and Blackmon, with the browns still having the 22nd pick, and this being a strong draft for WRs I have to believe that unless they REALLY like Blackmon they will HOPE to see somebody else fall to them at 22.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers-CB Morris Claiborne(LSU)-After seeing them go with 2 D-lineman in 2 straight drafts, it makes sense to address their next defensive need-CB. This offense seems to have the pieces in place for a solid team. The defense however has a very week pass rush, a #1 CB in trouble with the law and #2 quickly getting old. Claiborne would be able to step in right away and make a difference here.

6. Saint Louis Rams- WR Justin Blackmon (Oklahoma State)-This is a tougher one. There are 2 things that are known about young QBS. 1-They don’t like getting hit, 2-They Love having security go to guys. While Blackmon doesn’t appear to be a HOF he certainly would be a major upgrade over anybody else they Rams have at WR. If he is here this seems like an easy pick to me but if he is gone before here, expect them to go O-line and possibly take a shot at a WR later on in the draft.

7. Jacksonville Jaguars- DE Quinton Coples (North Carolina)-With Jacksonville ranking 25th in the league in sacks with only 10 coming out of there DEs(8 by Mincy) id expect them to try and add to their D-Line talent, especially when Coples is arguably one of the best players left on the board here.

8. Miami Dolphins-OT Riley Rieff(Iowa) –Now personally I think they could really use a DT here, but I just don’t see the talent being here. There are a few guys they could possibly reach for, but if, and that’s a big if, Rieff falls to them, they could certainly secure both tackle spots for years to come. While Rieff may not be any Jake Long, at the 8th pick he has plenty of value.

9. Carolina Panthers OT Jonathon Martin (Stanford)- While the Panthers still have many needs, this is a team I would expect to put some work into their offense. Last year Newton proved to have talent of an elite NFL QB. He has some weapons around him but could still use some help on the line. I think the panthers would love to get a new #1 WR in the next few years(as Smith gets up there in age) but while I think Floyd has the talent to go in the top 10 the NFL doesn’t seem to agree.

10. Buffalo Bills- DE Melvin Ingram (South Carolina)- This team needs to get some pass rush. BAD. I don’t see too many other options when there leading sack getter topped out at 5.5 on the season.

11. Kansas City Chiefs-DT Dontari Poe (Memphis)- This pick was the toughest one to pick yet. There are not too many picks available here that I feel make sense. Poe showed he is a physical freak at the combine, and the Chiefs could really use the help he would provide by giving a strong inside pass rush.

12. Seattle Seahawks-ILB Luke Kuechly (Boston College)- From what I have read it seems likely Hawthorne is on is way out of Seattle. This leaves an opening at a very crucial position on defense. Kuechly could step in and help out on defense immediately.

13. Arizona Cardinals-OG David Decastro (Stanford)- I think Arizona would prefer a OT here, but unless Martin or Rieff fell this far, there doesn’t seem to be anybody else worth this pick. Luckily for Arizona, they are still sitting pretty for this dominate guard out of Stanford.

14.Dallas Cowboys-CB Janoris Jenkins(North Alabama)- I had to try extremely hard to get myself to make this pick. I think it’s fairly widely excepted that the Cowboys need a CB, but Jenkins here just doesn’t make sense with his off the field issues and Kirkpatrick sitting right there. However, Jenkins is no doubt the more skilled player, and Cowboys tend not to mind taking a risk on a player like this. If he can stay out of trouble, this pick would make the Cowboys look smart.

15. Philadelphia Eagles- DT Michael Brockers (LSU)- This is the 2nd pick in a row in which I had the position decided before the actual pick. With his versatility, Cox is a very tempting pick here but Brockers just takes up to much space in the middle. While he may have struggled at the combine, I think the Eagles will over look that. The eagles need help at LB, and while that isn’t available here, nothing helps the LB like a 6’5” 322 Man-beast in the middle clogging up the lanes.

16. New York Jets –DE/OLB Courtney Upshaw (Alabama) There have been 2 things I have been reading /hearing about this pick. Either they go WR, or DE. The more I think about it, the less I see them going WR. It’s not like Plaxico was an essential part of this team. This team is built around defense and what the Jets really need is some pass rush. Courtney Upshaw provides this better than anybody else left on the board.

17. Cincinnati Bengals- CB Dre Kirkpatrick(Alabama)- If he is left here, something as simple as pot charges will make the Bengals think twice about this pick. He is certainly talented enough to warrant an even higher pick if it wasn’t for the combination of a very talented CB class and possible off-field issues.

18. San Diego Chargers-WR-Michael Floyd (Notre Dame)- This would be interesting, The # 1 and 2 WR would both me M. Floyd. Now I haven’t seen many people make this pick, but if he is here, how could they pass? I think Floyd is one of the most underrated players in this entire draft, and with the departure of Jackson, they need a WR to fill his spot.

19. Chicago Bears-OG Cordy Glenn (Georgia) Up until the trade for Marshall this was a clear and easy pick at a WR. Now however, the bears will look to protect their QB. Glenn certainly has the potential to move to the outside in the future but will be able to hold down the OG spot early on in his career. Even if Glenn is never able to move to the outside, he would still help against the inside pass rush.

20. Tennessee Titans- DE/OLB Nick Perry (USC)-There is nothing the Titans need more than some help in the pass rush, and quality 1st round passers are starting to become a little harder to find. Unless one of the prior DEs or any sort of unexpected player falls this far, you can certainly count on this pick.

21. Cincinnati Bengals-DT Fletcher Cox (Mississippi State)- Don’t really know what they would do here. They could use some help on the O-Line, but according to the way things fell here, there isn’t anybody really worth the pick. Fletcher Cox will still provide the Bengals with a replacement at their aging DT spot and it would give them one of the best players still available.

22. Cleveland Browns-WR Alshon Jeffery( South Carolina)- If they decide to pass on Blackmon at 4, this would be an absolutely perfect pick for them. They would add a very talented WR and RB in the same draft. What more can a team lacking well, almost everything ask for?

23. Detroit Lions-Stephon Gilmore(South Carolina)-While I don’t know if this pick quite fits the BPA idea some people believe the Lions have, but does seem to be the BPA at the most needed position, Hightower would make sense here, but I would expect to see them re-sign Tulloch and if they are unable to that, they seem interested in bringing in Hawthorne from the Seahawks.

24. Pittsburgh Steelers-ILB Dont’a Hightower(Alabama)- The Steelers appear to have 2 pressing needs to me. A NT, and a ILB. While I think they would rather have a solid nose tackle, there doesn’t appear to be many players here worth taking at NT. If Hightower falls to them at 24 however, that doesn’t appear to be much of a problem. I personally view Hightower as one of the best players in this entire draft, should he fall this far, he would be a steal.

25. Denver Broncos-DT Devon Still (Penn State)- This might be a little bit of a reach here, but the broncos could really use some help at DT, and this pick wouldn’t be horrible. I don’t think it would be a great pick for the Broncos either, but it would give them some added talented at a position where they could use some help.

26. Houston Texans-WR Kendal Wright (Baylor)-This Texans team really doesn’t have to many places to worry about. Getting a 2nd WR on the other side of Andre Johnson is somewhere they could certainly use help. The only other pick I could possibly see here would be a DE to try and replace Williams.

27. New England Patriots-SS Mark Baron (Alabama)- The Pats don’t have to many more pressing needs than SS and with the clear #1 SS in the draft still on the board, this appears to be a clear pick for the Pats. In fact, I haven’t seen too many people suggest the Pats do anything different here (and most who did hat Baron going with the Pats next pick)

28. Green Bay Packers-DE/OLB Whitney Mercilus(Illinois)- I will admit, I don’t know a whole heck of a lot about Mercilus. What I do know is that the Packers need another OLB(and one who can blitz), and according to what I have been reading, this is the right guy for just that.

29. Baltimore Ravens-C Peter Konz (Wisconsin)-When I was first introduced to this guy, I watched some highlights on him, and I have got to admit, this guy is a beast. While it is assumed he can play guard for a season or 2 if needed, I personally believe that if he was a true guard, he would have been long before here. This would be a steal here for the Ravens.

30. San Francisco 49ers-TE Coby Fleener (Stanford)- I have little faith in this pick to be honest. The 49ers have gone out and got 2 WRs and already have Davis. However, I can’t find to many picks at all that makes sense here. Fleener would allow the 49ers to use a 2 TE set much more often.

31. New England Patriots-LB Andre Branch (Clemson) is one of the top pass rusher available(seems like I say this every time one goes) as one of the best defensive players left I didn’t realize how much pass rushing talent was available in this draft. Branch would certainly help add some rushing from the LB spot.

32. New York Giants-Orson Charles (Georgia) With the loss of manningham as well as some questions at TE this pick makes a lot of sense. The league is certainly moving in the direction of TEs being a much bigger threat in the offense, and Charles as the potential to be that kind of guy.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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