LAST CHANCE--Who should we draft?? (updated) Help make a PoD Community Lions Big Board for the 2012 Draft!

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UPDATE: 3/30:

1. THANK-YOU to everyone who has submitted their rankings.

2. If anyone has not yet submitted their big board, I think I'll leave this open through the weekend and will hopefully have some time on Monday to total the results.

3. If you haven't submitted your big board, don't worry about how long the list of prospects is. If there are only 20 or 30 players on this list that you want to rank, go for it (click here, and don't forget to write down the bbid number and leave it in the comments). Your big board rankings will still be helpful for building a picture of who the PoD community wants to draft.

You can leave any players you don't know much about in this list right where they are, and that's fine.

Thanks again!

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Hi guys. I thought this could be a fun exercise, so I put together a quick web app to make it happen.

I want help from all PoD'ers building a big board for the Detroit Lions for the 2012 Draft. You just have to go to my site, build your own big board, submit, and let me know the id of your big board by replying to this post so I can include your player rankings in the final tally.


1. Read all of these instructions carefully.

2. Review instruction # 1 above.

3. This is a BIG BOARD. This is NOT a mock draft.
Don't put Andrew Luck # 1 and Robert Griffin # 2 because you expect Indy and Washington to pick Luck and Griffin, respectively.

This has nothing to do with the Colts or the Redskins, or any team except the Lions.

This is about identifying which players you would most want to join the LIONS from the 2012 draft, and ranking them in the order you would would most desire the Lions to draft them.

4. This is a Pride Of Detroit Community big board. If you're a visiting fan of another team, welcome, enjoy your stay, but this exercise is for the PoD community only. That's why I'm going to ask everyone to write down and reply with their big board identifier (bbid) from my big board page. It's underlined and in bold.

This way, if I don't recognize you, I can click your username and verify that you've been a member of PoD since before today (March 23) and you have more comments on PoD than any other SBnation NFL site, or something like that.

Your big board rankings will be saved into a database of mine, but again, you MUST reply to my first comment that says ">>>Please reply with bbid's here <<<" below with "bbid" followed by your big board id in the subject line (example: bbid 25), or I will not include your rankings.

5. Okay, here is the link. Make sure javascript is turned on in your browser:

The original order is from an "expert" consensus big board that Pablo Escobar at Mocking the Draft assembled a couple weeks ago. Here it is, and the sources he used are listed in the fanpost.

If your favorite prospect didn't make this list, sorry.

6. There are a lot of prospects, so take your time making your big board. If you don't know much about a player, just feel free to leave him where he is. The original list is based on a large group of "expert" big boards. I included a player's position, name, college, height, weight and combine 40. If they did not run at the combine, I put "dnp". I didn't feel like hunting down a bunch of pro day 40's or anything like that.

Look over your list a few times before submitting. Pick two prospects and ask yourself "Would I really choose this player over that player if they were the two best available and the Lions are on the clock?".

7. Be smart about making your big board. Just because the Lions need a cornerback, don't drag all the CB's to the top of the list. An elite talent at wide receiver would help the Lions win a lot more than a mid-round nickle corner with a low ceiling and some scheme limitations. Other than that, how you make your big board is up to you, whether you lean towards BPA, immediate impact potential, or weigh positional need or positional value as more important.

8. Please submit your big board before by the end of next weekend (by Sunday 4/1). I should have time next Saturday or Sunday Monday to compile and publish the results.

edit: I am planning to just use the average rank for each prospect to produce the final big board. There should be enough big boards submitted that a simple average rank for each player gives a good picture of where he belongs on the big board.

9. Don't forget to write down your bbid and reply below. And if you can give this post a rec, I'd appreciate it!

The link, again:

Any questions, let me know!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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