The Detroit Lions will pick Cordy Glenn

First of all, let me preface this by saying I am not necessarily for this pick nor am I against this pick . It is simply who I think will be the 23rd pick of the draft. Here are some reasons why.

  1. Talent Level --Based on numerous draft rankings, Cordy Glenn falls in the range of the 23rd pick, and in many big boards he is exactly the 23 pick. It is possible that a player with a higher rating can fall into the Lions hands like Nick Fairley of last years draft, but at the 23rd pick, I think most of that will be settled before Detroit can turn in their card
  2. Position of Need -- With Jeff Backus signing a two year deal, it is obvious Detroit will be making a change soon. The Lions organization would love to have Backus for many more years, but time has different ideas. Backus, along with Dominic Raiola, has been the "iron-man" in Honolulu Blue. But Jeff has had two major injuries in the last two years. Fortunately he has dealt with these injuries in the off-season and not the regular season. But are the Lions going to press their luck? I don't see that being the front office's style. Now before you freak out about Glenn being a interior lineman...please read on.
  3. Current Roster -- There is not a back-up player currently on our roster who is talented enough to play left tackle. You may argue Jason Fox hasn't come into his own yet. It is true, Fox hasn't reached his potential because of injuries. For that reason alone, Detroit will not replace an iron man with a stationary bike specialist. Not at left tackle. The Lions only chance with current roster is moving Gosder Cherilous to left tackle and replacing the right tackle. (Did you feel uneasy when I mentioned moving Gosder to Matthew Stafford's blind side? I am sure Schwartz and Mayhew feel the same way.)
  4. Coaching -- I have noticed over the last few years that the Lions coaching staff and front office are confident in their ability to make a player better. Willie Young, Lawrence Jackson, Chris Houston, Aaron Berry, Brandon Pettigrew and their latest projects Everette Brown and Jacob Lacey are all examples. So far, they have been pretty successful at making players with the natural ability reach their potential even though (except for Pettigrew) they weren't getting it done for other NFL teams.
  5. Cordy Glenn -- "Glenn was a first-team All-SEC left tackle in 2011, his only season at the position, but projects as a guard for most teams -- but not all. He's susceptible to speed and counter moves at tackle, but is surprisingly nimble which could convince some NFL teams to envision him operating at this position. Scouts know he's dominant and powerful inside. Considering his size and versatility, Glenn should compete to be the first senior offensive lineman drafted in 2012 and a likely first-round pick" --CBS As stated above, the Lions don't mind "underachievers" to a certain extent. If they feel it isn't a major personality flaw that causes them to flounder. The ONLY reason Cordy Glenn may be available at 23 (still a first round talent) is he has been a interior guard. I think NFL coaches and GM's see Left Tackle written all over him. Huge, long and athletic as hell. Worst case scenario is he ends up replacing Stephen Peterman. Not a bad fall back position.
  6. Lions interest and Media attention -- Most good General Managers don't show their hand and as fun as it is seeing about Dre Kirkpatrick and LaMichael James visit Allen Park, that isn't how Martin Mayhew does things. Chances are we are drafting someone who don't show a large amount of interest in.

With all this in mind, I think we will be hearing these words, "With the 23rd pick in the first round the Detroit Lions select Offensive guard Cordy Glenn out of University of Georgia"

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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