2012 Best Group of NFL QB's Ever?

I have been visiting POD pretty much daily for the last two years and decided to make this my first fan post.

Sure NFL rule changes have inflated quarterback statistics over the past few years, but, nonetheless, it is my subjective opinion that the starting quarterbacks for the 2012 NFL season will be the most talented and most entertaining group to watch play football of all time. I'm interested if you guys agree or disagree? I am only 26 years old, so maybe there was a really great quarterback class I'm just too young to remember or appreciate. I know 1991 was a good year based on my Techmo Super Bowl gaming. That year had: Warren Moon, HOU, Dan Marino, MIA, Jim Kelly, BUF, Troy Aikman, DAL, John Elway, DEN, Joe Montana, SF/ Steve Young, SF, Mark Rypien, WAS, Bernie Kosar, CLE.

My list of projected quarterback starters for 2012 is below, and in in order for what I consider having the most to least potential for 2012, and I drew a few "lines in the sand" as well. I'm interested to see what you guys think about my quarter back rankings as well as where I have projected the top free agent and draft prospects landing.




Proven Elite

1 Tom Brady, NE

2 Aaron Rodgers, GB

3 Drew Brees, NO

4 Peyton Manning, MIA?

Near/Potentially Elite

5 Eli Manning, NYG

6 Ben Roethlisberger, PIT

7 Matthew Stafford, DET

8 Michael Vick, PHI

9 Philip Rivers, SD

10 Tony Romo, DAL

11 Cam Newton, CAR

12 Matt Schaub, HOU

13 Matt Ryan, ATL

Serviceable Starter

14 Jay Cutler, CHI

15 Andy Dalton, CIN

16 Alex Smith, SF

17 Matt Hasselbeck, TEN

18 Joe Flacco, BAL

19 Josh Freeman, TB

20 Carson Palmer, Oak

Solid Potential, but Unproven/Has Big Question Marks

21 Matt Flynn, SEA?

22 Sam Bradford STL

23 Andrew Luck, IND?

24 Robert Griffin III, CLE?

Questionable Starter

25 Mark Sanchez, NYJ

26 Ryan Fitzpatrick, BUF

27 Matt Cassel, KC/Kyle Orton, KC

28 Christian Ponder, MIN

29 Kevin Kolb, ARI

30 Ryan Tannehill, WAS?

31 Blaine Gabbert, JAC

32 Tim Tebow, DEN

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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