Lions Mock Draft

I've made a couple of mock drafts on my own time but i think i like this one the most. I think it covers most of our team needs as well as getting good players. Here we go.

Also, the dream pick is basically our best case senario with a top guy falling a round or two

1st round, pick 23- Cordy Glenn, Georgia, OT/OG----- Dream Pick: David DeCastro, OG, Stanford

Notes: Now i do think cornerback is our most pressing need but I dont think Kilpatrick will fall and I dont think the FO will take Jenkins. Cordy Glenn is our next best option, mostly because of his flexibility. He has the size to play tackle for sure but can also play guard which is very valuable as he could replace Stephen Peterman or Gosder Cherilus.

2nd round, pick 54- Brandon Boykin, Georgia, CB/KR/PR/WR-------- Dream Pick: Mark Barron, S, Alabama

Notes: Brandon Boykin is a playmaker. He is versitile, playing corner and wide out and also returning kicks and punts. He is a pretty good cornerback to and perfect for Mr. Cunningham because he rarely starts rookies and could devolop into a tenacious player in the back 7.

3rd round, pick 85- Josh Norman, Coastal Carolina, CB------------- Dream Pick: Lamar Miller, RB, Miami

Notes: Yes, another corner. I think Norman is a 1st round talent but playing at a small school has obvously hurt him. He has a nose for the ball and impressed at the combine and pro day. It also gives us much needed depth now with Houston, Berry, Smith, Lacey, Boykin and now Norman. That makes one guy expendable and i think its Smith or Lacey. The signing of Lacey doesnt help this pick but i think he is BPA.

4th round, pick 117- Mike Brewster, Ohio State, C---------------- Dream Pick: Harrison Smith, S, Notre Dame

Notes: Mike Brewster is a tall guy(6'5) but i think at round 4, he is a good guy to mold while Dominic Raiola finishes out his career. I think he has starting potential but is a little underrated.

5th round, pick 158- Vontaze Burfict, Arizona State, LB----------- Dream Pick: Ryan Broyles, WR, Oklahoma

Notes: I know about the head problems and the unfortuante ability to get personal fouls. All said in done, the guy is a first round talent. He can play and if Suh would just step up a little and Schwartz emphisising being disiplined, I think he could be a steal in the 5th round.

6th round, pick forfeited

Notes: Bullshit..

7th round, pick 219- Tank Carder, TCU, LB-------------- Dream Pick: Jordan White, WR, Western Michigan

Notes: If there was a way to explain Tank Carder, all i would say is FOOTBALL PLAYER. The guy just gets the job done and is vastly underrated in my honest opinion. He was arrested for something after the season and probably hurt his stock, but it helps us here.

7th round, pick 230- Winston Guy, Kentucky, S----------- Dream Pick: Trenton Robinson, S, Michigan State

Notes: I didnt know much about Winston so i did some reseach here. He is coming off of shoulder surgury and was suspended at the beginning of the year but at the 7th round, that doesnt matter to me. We despretely need help at saftey and Winston even returned kicks at Kentucky, I was really intrigued to put his teamate Danny Trevathan here but he is a linebacker and 3 linebackers wouldnt go down great with me.

Alright well, thats my Lions mock, tell me what you think and go lions

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