After seeing my mock you may never donate to the cigar fund again.

Let'a get a CB

After viewing tons of tape, evaluating the tangibles along with the intangibles, I concluded after Morris Claiborne out of LSU I am not that impressed with any of the top rated cornerbacks in this draft enough to use a first round pick on. I searched long and hard to find a worthy candidate and as tough as it was to do I had to eliminate the cornerback position from round 1

OK if you don’t take a cornerback, some help on the offensive line please!

I thought long and hard about possibly drafting Peter Konz as a potential replacement for Raiola I compared him against Alex Mack coming out of college and saw clearly he’s no Alex Mack, if I am going to draft a center in round 1 he needs to be elite, Konz is good but not what I would consider an elite center. Viewing the tapes for an OG I really like David DeCastro and Cordy Glenn after those two there’s a big drop-off in talent in my opinion. I don’t see those guys still on the board when it’s our turn to pick Glenn may drop to us but I seriously doubt it, if he does he’s my guy. I think the OT’s coming out in this class aren’t very impressive probably the weakest class in over a decade, I have to stay away from them early in the draft.

OMG the Bengals drafted Cordy Glenn now what do we do?

Teams are reaching for QB’s, DT’s, and DE’s so we will not select a 2nd round talent DE to bolster our strength on defense no remaining LB’s foot the bill either, so who is the BPA the Lions will draft this year.

Wait for it……., Wait for it……, Drum roll please!

Stephen Hill Georgia Tech WR

Linehan will unveil his new earth shattering Tech-Tronics bookends in 2012

I thought about Barron but I have a strong hunch Oshiomogho Atogwe will be in a Lions uniform in 2012 after Mayhew and Lewand get their ducks in a row. I know a wide out seems far-fetched but using my illogical logic I’ve determined one way to make your DB’s better is to make your opponents DB’s worse. I believe Michael Floyd is going to drop down in the draft making Hill available.

Round 2

Jayron Hosley CB Virginia I have him rated the same as Janoris Jenkins who I feel is a mid 2nd round CB no matter what the guru’s say.

Round 3

Amini Silatolu OG Midwestern State Keep an eye on this guy!

Round 4

David Molk Center Michigan LET’S GO BLUE!!

Round 5

Hate to have to draft this position Bobby Rainey RB Western KY

I hope the Cigar Fund doesn't have a negative balance after this.

Thank You for your support!

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