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Below is what I think the Lions Draft Board should look like and how I score the players that I believe we would take with the 23rd pick in the NFL draft this year. I will then list a group of players that I believe would be good picks in a trade back scenario where we would be picking anywhere from 31st in the first to 10th in the 2nd. A good example of a trade back scenario would be with St. Louis. They would give us the 6th pick in the 2nd round(38) and their pick in the 3rd round(66) for our 23rd pick. And finally I will give a group of players that I think will fit nicely into our pick in the back end of the 2nd round or early 3rd in a trade back scenario.

Methodology : I am rating players on a 1-105 scale. 99 is the top rating a player can receive for natural ability and preparation to make an impact in the NFL which is often but not always indicated by Collegiate production. First I give them a ranking on where they stand as a player compared to other players at their position. I don't take into account positional value or team need at first. Then I take the players and add or subtract points for positional value.

QB's+4. DE's and clear LT's +2. Cb's + Maybe LT's that can play RT for sure +1. Lb's -1. RB's+ G's -2. WR, C, RT, S & TE's 0 points.

Then Team need is added into the equation. Extreme Team Need +2, Moderate team need, +1, No team Need at all -2, Strong position but not perfect -1. Last year the DT position would have received a -1. This year it receives a -2. The Qb position, when you have an established starter and a good backup gets -5 points.

QB -5, DT TE -2, WR + LB -1, T +1, RB,S, CB, G/C +2

Certain players can be taken off the board completely for serious character concerns or because they don't fit our system at all. I will list those players as well. I am also taking all DT's and TE's out of consideration for our number 23 pick or the trade back into the first round scenario.

Here is one example of how the system works. If we were the Indianapolis Colts with the first pick Andrew Luck would get a 99 for his initial grade. He would get +4 for being a Qb and would get +2 for being a main team need.

99 +4 +2 = 105. So for Indy Luck is a 105. The perfect score. The highest score a non qb can get is a 103.

Lions Big Board

1. Kalil 97+2+1 = 100 If you want a LT that will protect your QB and keep him off the ground. You got one.

2. Claiborn 96+1+1 = 98 You know what you are going to get. A corner that can cover and make plays. Period

3 Richardson 98-2+1= 97 Best since AP but better blocker and receiver.

4. Decastro 97+2-2 = 97 Shouldn't be penalized for his position in new rookie wage scale. A total beast.

5. Perry 95+2+0= 97 This years Aldon Smith. Hopefully will fall to us. But I doubt it.

6. Kuechly 97-1+0= 96 Still under appreciated. Pro Bowl rookie in my opinion. No weakness in his game.

7. Glenn 95+2-2= 95 If a team believes he is a RT his score could improve. I am keeping him at guard and he will maul

8. Martin 93+1+1= 95 Underrated prospect. Would have been Top10 in 2013 draft.

9. Barron 93+0+2= 95 Would be totally on the Barron Bandwagon if it weren't for injury concerns. 4.6 40? I want to love him.

10. Balckmon 96+0-1= 95 Tie goes to the guy with no baggage. Won't be a bust. Just might not be the guy.

11. Floyd 96+0-1= 95 Could turn out to be a steal. If he keeps his head on straight he will dominate.

12. Kirpatrick 92+1+1= 94 He is a football player for sure. Is he a corner?

13. Gilmore 92+1+1= 94 If he is half the corner he is an athlete he will have a long career. If he isn't?

14. Wright 94+0-1= 93 I would be tempted to take Wright over both Kirpatrick and Gilmore.

15. Reiff 90+1+1= 92 Can't figure what to do with him. Thinking he is a RT.

And here are the players I have off of our board that we should prayer get taken before 23 so we can get one of the above.

All the DT's - Cox, Brockers, Poe

All the Qb's - Luck, RGIII, and Tannehil.

Do Not Fit - Ingram, Upshaw, Hightower,

Random 2 - Coples and Jenkins. One for character and the other because I am predicting monster BUST status. Will put him in the trade back scenario but still don't like it.

So there are 11 players that are undesirable to the Detroit Lions at the 23 spot that we hope will go before our pick. And there is a chance players like Stephen Hill, Whitney Mercilus, Adams, and Konz would go ahead as well. We love them in a trade back but not at 23.

So here is my list of players we would like in a trade back if none of the 15 above players are available to us.

Peter Konz - Would immediately start at Center or Guard. Health concerns keep him out of the 23rd pick.

Mike Adams- Worth the risk in a trade back scenario. Boom or Bust. May be off our board completely. Don't know.

Whitnery Mercilus - Will get 8 sacks in rotation and make our Dline scary good.

Stephen Hill - too much talent to pass up. No defense could stop him Calvin and Titus for a full game.

Josh Robinson- Corner with the most upside in the entire class

Kevin Zeitler- Immediate starter at Right Guard. Would be top guard in multiple previous draft classes

Sliatolu - Iupati like.

Kelechi Oselemi - Could be a MONSTER guard and has the chance to dominate at RT. Super long arms and 333 pounds

Doug Martin- All around 3 down RB Almost can't go wrong with him.

Lavonte David - Potential steal of the draft. Protects against injury and may even be better than Levy right out of the gate.

And here are some names of guys we would love to land with our 2nd pick other than the guys above.

Chandler Jhones DE, Andre Branch DE, Harrison Smith S, Zack Brown LB, Lamar Miller RB, Alshon Jeffrey WR, Bobbie Massie T, Trumain Johnson Cb, Brandon Brooks G, Zebrie Sanders OT, Lamicheal James RB,

And with a trade back from the 2nd or with our 3rd round pick

Mychal Kendricks lb, Mitchell Schwartz OT, Brandon Boykin Cb, Isaia Peade rb, Brandon Washington G, Phillip Blake G/C, Chase Minnifield cb, Marvin McNutt wr, Brian Quick wr., Ben Jones C,

And there you have it. The Detroit Lions draft board. I may rank the guys outside of the first round later if I have time. I might need to get life however. We will see. Hope this starts a good conversation.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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