Grass in the NFL

Do not be confused by the title, this article is not about turf or other surfaces to play on...

As a die-hard Lions fan (#RESTORETHEROAR) I have been annoyed to the highest degree at the arrests of our players over the last few months. In the past, I never stopped wearing my Honolulu blue out in public during the fall, but right when it was starting to feel fun again, these arrests start happening. The first time I think to myself, "It happens", second time, "come on boys! Tighten it up.", third time, "WHAT'S HAPPENING!" This wound of failure for the past decade is still too fresh to play games with and it stresses me out to think a bunch of inconsiderate MEN are going to take us back a step. I stress the "men" part because these are not little boys we're talking about anymore, but rather grown men and professional athletes. These are grown men who are supposed to understand the concepts of responsibility, accountability and leadership.

(Side note) One day I was watching ESPN and the Lions NFL Play60 commercial came on, and directly afterwards they began talking about the multiple Lions arrests....all I could do was chuckle. This is not how I want the "Pride of Detroit" to be seen.

"Responsibility to the public audience" and "Professional athlete" are two phrases that have had trouble fitting together. In saying that, these troublesome players do not understand the legacy they could potentially be "smoking" themselves right out of. These players could cement themselves in Detroit Lions history as the players that lead the team out of NFL darkness. It's undeniable the Lions have been a laughing stock in football for many years and these men can be held in our hearts as heroes or they can fade as quickly as the smoke from their weed.

No matter where people stand of the subject of legalizing marijuana, at the moment it is illegal (yes, except for certain amounts, in certain places). Is it truly that hard to sit at own home and burn one down? Is it absolutely necessary to be out looking like a big shot by having these drugs displayed out in public?

The same questions run through my mind all the time when this happens, "Do you hate money?" When these guys get busted for stupid, trivial things they are fined (loss of money), miss games and practice time (loss of money) and can have shortened careers (loss of money). Now maybe it's just the simple common folk such as myself, but for the life of me, I cannot figure it out.

Now I’m not trying to say that the players can't have fun, just that responsibility needs to be recognized. I'm also not trying to say that these men do not deserve forgiveness; I want them to be given the chance to reconcile and prove themselves to be mature and professional. I love my Lions and I'm ready for them to be recognized by winning records, super bowl appearances and tough as nails- not to be messed with attitudes.


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