Moves we should make.

First and Foremost, I am so excited for this upcoming season. Our schedule isn’t too bad and we will be featured on national TV a lot. Hope we can make the most of these opportunities and build on last season’s success. I was playing around with some ideas in my head and would like to see what you guys think. This blog has so many knowledgeable fans, I really enjoy reading all of your posts. Well, here we go!


Trade DT Corey Williams to Broncos for a 4th round pick– SLH is a beast and needs to be unleashed. I really like Corey Williams but he is getting up there in age and his value is only decreasing. Broncos need a run stopper to anchor their defense, and they are in “win-now” mode with Manning. I think they will be willing to give up a 4th rounder.

Free Agent signing:

Sign WR Blair White – Not really sure why the Colt released this guy. His back is an issue, but he is a solid young receiver that can provide good depth. He is home-grown talent that I hope the lions at least bring in to camp.

Sign S Brian Dawkins – I know, he is old but very tough. If he can still play, he can provide veteran leadership to a secondary that could really use it. I think it’s worth looking into for the lions.

The Draft:

1st Round pick – C Peter Konz, UWisc – It is time for the lions to focus on re-building their offensive line. Konz is one of the best offensive lineman in this draft. He can start at Guard now, and eventually take over to Raiola at C.

2st Round pick - WR Alshon Jeffrey, USC – This guy was easily a top-15 talent had he come out last year. He is a big body WR with great hands. He will be a steal in the 2nd round and will take pressure off Megatron. We don’t have great depth at WR and this move will allow Titus to play the slot.

3rd Round pick – RB LaMichael James, UO – Our RB situation is one of the biggest question marks on our team. James is small but tough. If Leshoure and Best miss time, I would be comfortable with a backfield of James/K.Williams.

4th Round pick(via Broncos) – CB Josh Norman, CC –Don’t let the fact that he went to a small school deter you. He was recruited by bigger schools but chose to follow his older brother at Coastal Carolina. He has great size and athleticism. Hope he falls to us early in the 4th round.

4th Round pick – Trenton Robinson,MSU – Great player at MSU. Will provide good depth at Safety behind Delmas and Dawkins.

5th Round pick - OT Nate Potter, BSU – Tackle with good size, quickness, and long arms. Will provide good depth.

7th Round pick(Via Seahawks) – QB Kellen Moore, BSU – I think I’m one of the only people that think this guy will be a great NFL player. He has the accuracy/intangibles to be a great player. Give this guy some time to develop and you can turn a 7th round pick into a above-average backup and potential future first rounder.

7th Round pick – LB Vontaze Burflict, ASU – A low risk, high reward talent. We was once a late first round pick. Shwartz and Cunningham will be able to whip him into shape and hopefully into a start MLB.

UDFA to consider:

CB Cliff Harris – Had a solid pro-day a couple of weeks ago. Fluid, ball-hawking corner that has returning capabilities. I think his returning ability make him more valuable to me than Janoris Jenkins.

RB Bryce Brown – Was rated higher than Trent Richardson coming out of HS. Had a great first year at Tennessee but transferred to Kansas State and had some issues. I think he is worth bringing into camp.

Lions Depth Chart (going into camp)

QB – 1. Matthew Stafford 2. Shaun Hill 3. Kellen Moore

RB - 1. Mikel LeShoure 2. Jahvid Best 3. Kevin Smith 4. LaMichael James 5. Bryce Brown

FB – 1. James Bryant

WR – 1. Calvin Johnson 2. Alshon Jeffrey 3. Titus Young 4. Nate Burrelson 5. Stefen Logan 6.Terrence Toliver

TE – 1. Brandon Pettigrew 2. Tony Scheffler 3. Will Heller 4. Nathan Overbay

T – 1. Jeff Brackus(L) 2. Gosder Cherilus(R) 3. Nate Potter 4. Corey Hilliard 4. Jason Fox

G – 1. Rob Sims(L) 2. Peter Konz(R) 3. Stephen Peterman 4. Donald Thomas 5.Dylan Gandy

C – 1. Dominic Raiola 2. Dan Gerberry

DE – 1. Kyle Vanden Bosch(L) 2. Cliff Avril(R) 3. Lawrence Jackson 4. Willie Young 5. Everette Brown

DT – 1. Ndamukong Suh 2. Nick Fairley 3. Sammie Hill 4. Andre Fluellen 5. Robert Callaway

LB – 1. DeAndre Levy(Ws) 2. Stephen Tulloch (MLB) 3. Justin Durant(Ss) 4. Vontaze Burflict 5. Jordan Dizon 6. Ashlee Palmer 7. Doug Hogue

CB – 1. Chris Houston 2. Josh Norman 3. Jacob Lacey 4. Aaron Berry 5. Alfonso Smith 6. Cliff Harris

S – 1. Louis Delmas 2. Brian Dawkins 3. Amari Spievey 4. Trenton Robinson

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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