The Dream Scenario - Starting Thursday

I know this is going to sound a bit crazy but here is what I think the Lions Dream Scenario would be for the next 2 weeks. Hang on its a wild ride

1. Lions trade back with Baltimore and get an extra 3rd. Barron, Kirpatrick, and Gilmore were all off the board.

2. At 29 Nick Perry is still on the board and all hell breaks loose. We pull the trigger and trade with New England for Cliff Avril. They give us number 31 and 48 & 62 for Cliff Avril and 54.

3. At pick 31 we draft Jonathan Martin and the first round of the NFL draft is finished.

4. Now it gets interesting. With 11 mil in cap space the phone rings. It's the Eagles. Asante Samuel has agreed to renegotiate his contract for 8 mil a year if we agree he is the starting corner of the Detroit Lions. He wants to play for a winner now. He tried going after coin and that didn't work out so well. We give up a conditional 3rd in 2013 if he is a pro bowler. A 4th if not. Oh and we through in Alphonso ice the deal.

5. The Lions have now solidified their Defensive Line for the time being, strengthened their secondary, and drafted the left tackle of the future who in the worst case scenario will be a serious upgrade to Gosder.

6. Guess what? Buffalo on the phone......ring ring. Any chance you guys will give us Gosder Cherlius. We tell them it will take a 3rd round pick. He was a FIRST ROUNDER. They offer their 4th and a swap in the 3rd. We counter with a condition pick in 2013 if Gosder plays well and resigns with them long term. Gosder's agent agrees to work out a deal....AND BLAM....good bye Gosder. Hope you have some warmer clothes.

7. The Detroit Lions go into day two with picks 48 62 71 91 105 117 158 219. Let the fun begin.

8. The first snag in our little plan has happened. At 48 all the guys we want are gone. Amini Silatolu, Kevin Zeitler, Lavonte David and all the second round running backs other than LaMichael James. Tempted to drafted the speedy RB, we stick to our board and can't believe our eyes. Josh Robinson ripe for the taking. If we was 2 inches taller he would be a top 20 pick for sure. Depth at corner now real. Samuel's agent gets a call that he is still the starter as Gunny won't let Robinson see the field until someone gets hurt.

9. Jim Schwatz is begging Mayhew to trade up to get James. His eyes are popping out of his head. Instead Mahyew is patient. WE CAN"T LET GREEN BAY OR SAN FRAN GET JAMES.........We trade our 5th round pick with Baltimore and move up a few spots to land James just so that we keep our string of drafts alive where we trade up to get a RB. We want the record. Duh.

10. But who will block for all these small little running backs u ask? Well at 71 we take Brandon Brooks. Stephen Peterman is shown calling for a realtor. Javid Best is immediately cleared to play by the team physician. Barry Sanders calls to see if there is still a spot on the roster for his comeback try? 2 offensive lineman in the same draft? Just wait.....maybe 3.

11. At 91 A surprise pick......we are the Lions after all. We take WR T.Y. Hilton. Small and fast he is the perfect compliment to our other guys and will immediately compete with James and Robinson for the returner job. Stephan Logan clearly gets the picture and calls Peterman for the name of his mover. Friday is over.

12. Saturday morning begins and Lions Nation is astir with excitement. Both Ben Jones and Philip Blake are still on the board. Billboards go up all over Detroit to give Lions fans their greatest wish.......A center that is bigger than a fullback! Please! Philip Blake is off the board. And the Lions Select Ben Jones. Stafford begins jumping up and down. He grabs a bulldog and gives it a kiss. Dominick Raoila is seen leaving a sports bar drunk flicking off the door man on his way out. "THIS IS HOW YOU TREAT ME DETROIT" he exclaims. Poor guy. Cry me a river.

13. Then the Lions make a value pick and select hometown favorite safety Trenton Robinson. M.S.U. M.S.U fans cheer. Don't be too excited. Have you seen Michigan's recruiting class? Wowza! We almost drafted Tyrone Crawford from Boise State but apparently he is a DE that can stop the run. That is clearly against the rules on the Lion's defensive line so we decided to upgrade our secondary yet again.

14. Finally in the 7th round the Lions take a flyer on Janoris Jenkins...........just joking. He will be an UDFA in my dream scenario. Ok fine he is drafted by the Patriots in the 2nd. Whatever. In the 7th we take Vontaze Burflict. Schwartz believes he can fix this kid. And he is happy with the draft so far. We pull the trigger.

15. Finally Adam Schefter reports that the Lions have come to terms on a 2 year deal with O.J. Otogwe. He is coming hope to help groom the young guys and get some wins. Meanwhile Todd McShay gives us a F for our draft because we drafted too many players that are good and because he has nothing to criticize us for....which makes his job too hard. He had us taking Dontari Poe so that we would have depth at the DT position.

So here are your 2012 Detroit Lions

QB - Matthew Stafford, Shawn Hill

RB - Best, Leshoure, James, Smith

WR- Calvin, Titus, Burleson, T.Y. Hilton, ??????

Oline- Backus, Sims, Raiola , Brooks, Martin

HIlliard, Fox, Jones, McClendon Culbreth

TE - Pettigrew, Tony, Heller

DT - Suh, Fairly, Williams, Hill

DE- Perry, KVB, Jackson, Young, Everette Brown

LB- Durant, Tulloch, Levy, Hogue, Burfict, Palmer

CB- Samuel, Houston, Josh Robinson, Berry, Lacy

S- Otogwe, Delmas, Trenton Robinson, Spievey,

Now that is how you make things happen. I mean in a dream world that is.

Bonus Section:

Another possible draft in this scenario would be Perry, Martin, Silatolu, James, Josh Norman , Merkell, Blake, Crawford, Streeter or Perry Martin Zeitler,Boykin, Etc.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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