My Wish List: Top 10 Lions to stay healthy in 2012 (that have a history)

Let me emphasize this list is only of Lions who have had an notable injury history, otherwise it would just be a top 10 Lions MVP List. Most of these are no-brainers, but I'm tired of looking at mock-drafts...

1. Matthew Stafford - Last year's impressive performance exorcised many of the injury concern demons. I just need one more healthy season to be fully at ease (and shut-up the haters and pundits). He appears to have turned the corner, with the extra upper-body mass contributing a good deal. I still have to pinch myself when I look at Matt's 2011 stats.

2. Louis Delmas - I haven't done the statistical analysis, but the D sure seems to drop off when he is out. The Matt Flynn aerial show was definitely connected to his absence. Unfortunately, his style of play probably contributes to the injuries. I beleive 16 healthy games from Delmas would equal a pro bowl player (when that honor still meant something).

3. Nick Fairley - The first half of the NO regular season game gave us just enough of a tease - this guy could be a monster. The rumors of him adding 15 lbs of muscle just make me drool more. Of course, in addition to staying healthy he has to avoid being suspended...

4a. Mikel Leshoure - Speaking of being suspended... Mikel is a promising talent at a position that we desperately need consistent production from. I was very excited when we traded up for him. I think he still could be an above average to very good NFL back, even a feature back. Unfortunately, it is almost assured he will miss time in 2012. My guess is that we see him after the bye week.

4b. Jahvid Best - When healthy, there is no question that Jahvid adds an explosive wrinkle to our offense. I'm just not sure how many more times he can have his bell rung. To be honest, there's part of me that wants him to retire so we don't have to see it on national TV or have a younger version of Mike Webster.

4c. Kevin Smith - The third member of our "talented, but can't stay on the field" RB corps. Kevin is a little different from some of the others on this list in that we already have a pretty good idea how much talent he has - enough to be a starting NFL RB (or a at least a great back-up).

7. Jason Fox - I really want to know what is behind curtain number 1. Jason looked pretty good spelling Backus a few times and has a TON of upside. We also could really use a good, young OT. Of course, injury is the reason we were able to draft him in the 4th round. I suspect that if he isn't healthy most of this year, the Lions will look elsewhere.

8. Aaron Berry - He has the potential to be a good nickle or maybe even a decent starting CB. I was actually surprised to see that he played in 11 games last year. I thought it was more like 8.

9. Justin Durant - This entry may surprise a few people, but Justin has never played a full NFL season (his best was 14 games one seaon in Jacksonville). Of course, he has never missed the majority either (low of 10 games in 2010). He also seems to play hurt a lot. I was pleasantly surprised by his production when he was fully healthy and would love to see more of it.

10. Entire 2012 draft class - Okay, this is a bit of a cop-out, but last year was brutal. Only Titus Young was able to make a significant contibution through the year (although he appears to be a bit of a bargain where we drafted him, now).

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