An article in SI talked about Mayhew and CBs

Here is the article link thanks to Lionsdecade for having the foresight of bringing up this article. Sports Illustrated Link is where to find it however let me point to a few points. First is the number of WRs they say are 6-3 or larger that have started last year.

In 2001, only 11 full-time starting wideouts were 6'3" or taller, and Plaxico Burress at 6'5" was the only one over 6'4". Last season 20 starting wideouts measured 6'3" or taller, including four at 6'4" and six at 6'5".

I would like to point that this is only for Wideouts not Tight Ends. The second point in this article is the draft.

Johnson, the second pick in 2007, is one of 14 receivers selected in the top 10 since '03; only four of those wideouts were smaller than 6'3". All three first-round receivers in '11 were 6'3" or taller

They even talk about this upcoming draft

This year all but two of the top 10 prospects are 6'2" or taller. Notre Dame's Michael Floyd, Georgia Tech's Stephen Hill and South Carolina's Alshon Jeffrey, projected to be among the first five wideouts taken, are 6'3" or above. Justin Blackmon, the consensus No. 1 receiver, is 6'1" and 207 but plays bigger because of his physical style and 78½-inch wingspan.

That wingspan is 4 inches shorter than Megatrons. They then spoke about the cornerbacks and some General Manager who played CB in the NFL before getting a law degree. He played at the height of 5-8 back then. In any case they spoke about how he is also thinking about Cornerbacks at the height of 6 foot who are also agile enough. They also spoke on the numbers in the NFL and here is what they wrote about the numbers and the draft.

In 2001 there were five regular starting cornerbacks 6'2" or taller. Last season that number had grown by only two, with the tallest being Seattle's 6'4" Brandon Browner. And this year only three of the top 10 cornerback prospects are 6 feet or taller: Alabama's Dre Kirkpatrick and Montana's Trumaine Johnson are 6'2", and South Carolina's Stephon Gilmore is 6 feet.

They did speak about Seattle having both CBs over the 6 foot height but also that they had some of the highest penalities in the league but it also helped in holding down Fitzpatrick. Needless to say there is some articles out there. But I would like to see the Lions try to go in a different direction at this point. And that is something I been speaking about for a while and that would be a Safety that is taller. Now what I am going to do is go through each team and show the starter and backup that are over 6-3.

AFC East - 6

AFC North - 7

AFC South - 5

AFC West - 5

NFC East - 6

NFC North - 8

NFC South - 7

NFC West - 3

That is a total of 47 TEs that are 6-4 or taller who either start or are the backup. Now how do you defend against these big TEs. Do you match them up with an OLB who may not be quick enough to cover or do you go with a safety who will be undersized. Its a problem I see the NFL teams are going to facing for a while until a solution presents itself. Lets also remember that although the WRs might score a big TD once in a while its the TEs that seem to get the critical first downs.

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