WHITNEY MERCILUS TIPPED OUR HAND? Lions draft strategy unfolding....

Looks like the Lions are targeting a DE in Round 1. That or Mayhew truly is the master of deception. Either way I am going to be happy. There are two articles that all PODers need to know about. And a 3rd for some added depth. The first is a pretty strong argument for why the Lions won't be drafting a first round Oline player. The second is from the Chicago Tribune and makes it pretty clear that If Mercilus is on the board at 23.....he will be a Detroit Lion. Unless someone like Barron is still on the board I suspect.,0,6092154.story

After reading these three articles the reality becomes pretty clear. We aren't happy with our DE position. And we truly believe Jason fox is the left Tackle of the future. He is maybe the next Ray Brown as Mahyew says. Boy we would all be happy if that is the case. I don't see it, but then again......I don't see a lot of things. What I do see are clues. And these are the same clues that led to my prediction of Titus Young last year. I knew we loved him from media blurbs here and there and he seemed to fit our team perfectly. I now feel that strongly again. We will draft Whitney Mercilus or Nick Perry if they are there at 23. I have changed my feeling now. I think we like Mercilus a little better than Perry. Perry still has more potential but I understand why we like Mercilus as an all around prospect.

Add to all of this the fact that Mahyew was adamant about the fact that our first round pick may be a player that does not start this year.......and it all seems pretty clear. Unless of coarse all of the above was a perfectly played ploy to TRICK the bears into taking Mercilus and thus allowing a player like Jonathan Martin or Stephen Hill to fall to us. I don't see it. We drafted guys we brought in last year. Fairley was a last minute surprise and we did bring him in. We just hid it well.

So here is what I think our draft is looking like.

Mercilus or Perry

Silatolu or Brandon Brooks in the 2nd. (YOU DON"T HEAR MUCH TALK ABOUT HOW THE FO LIKES PETERMAN)

Josh Norman (T.Y. Hilton, Devon Wylie, Chris Polk, Turbin, James)

RB/WR that adds to our offense and returns kicks.

That's how I see it. I also wouldn't be surprised if we went with a RB or WR in round three. Of coarse nothing much matters if craziness happens and someone like Decastro falls. But if that doesn't happen I think I see what is coming together for the draft. What do you think?

P.S. I suspect we would sign Otogwe in this scenario after the draft.

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