Why I Cried for Decastro....

I have taken a lot of heat here on POD for my position on taking Reiff Reilly over David Decastro. I deserve some of it. I was severely disappointed and made it know in an extremely annoying fashion. I am mad I did it in such a way because it takes away from what I believe is a very valid position. One I will lay out here briefly so that I am not accused of being someone that doesn't like things just for the sake of it. I didn't like the Fairley pick either last year. But I LOVED the titus young selection and I loved the Leshoure pick as well. I wanted Oher over Petts....but I think I have been proved wrong on that one. I could go over it all to prove my point that I am very supportive of this FO and coach. I want a Super Bowl like everyone here and that requires excellence. Not just good but great. So here is my case. I truly hope I am wrong about Reiff.

I went on fanposts earlier this week clearly stating where I stood. I had Decastro rated as the 6th best player in the draft and I had Reiff Reilly in the 20s. I didn't care what any Big Boards said. I read as much as I could and watched as much tape online as I could get a hold of of. My opinion was that Reiff is a strong RT that won't make the LT spot in the NFL. I also believe Decastro is a beast in the making. Strength and Technique. So here is where I stand. I want to be wrong because I love the Lions. I just don't see it.

1. I firmly believe we need a LT of the future. I weigh LT's above G's in my ranking system.

2. I didn't think we were going to pull the trigger on OLINE in the first round but the draft fell perfectly. It was my dream scenario. It forced us to go O-line for BPA and Need. The ultimate combo.

3. And because of multiple teams making crazy choices,the Guard position being undervalued in the first round and because of depth at the guard position a premier talent fell to us at 23. A guy that EVERYONE agreed would be gone in the top 15. Every Analyst I looked at tonight had Decastro rated as a top ten talent. He was rated number 3 overall by the National Football Post which I respect greatly. They had Bruce Irving rated VERY high. Which many NFL GMs agreed on clearly. Apparently Chicago was going to take him if he was there. Where did they have Reiff Reilly? 34! An early 2nd round pick. Does that mean anything? No. One website doesn't mean anything. What means something is this. NOT ONE WEBSITE IN THE WORLD DARED make David Decastro anything but an elite amazing Top 10 talent. He fell because of a few weird things. Positional value. Crazy trades all over. Very poor picks by some teams. It took ALL of those things for Decastro to fall to 23. LT's that are elite NEVER fall to 23. EVER. And that's what concerns me.

4. We passed on a player that is considered by all to be ELITE. Its a major position of need. Peterman is one of the 3 weakest starters we have and we said we desperately want to run the ball better. And we did it because we had put ourselves in a position where we were desperate for a LT of the future. We neglected the position preaching BPA and took Fairley....only to be forced into going against BPA and taking Reiff. That's the way I see it. Don't hate me. I love that we went Oline finally. But just imagine if we would have went Solder last year. We would have certainly went Decastro this year.

5. I understand why the Detroit Lions did today what they did. I just think it totally betrays everything they have been preaching for years. Reiff is not a better player than Decastro. If we asked all the experts it would be an obvious answer. The positional value obviously skews things. Take that away and in my opinion its a no brainer. We made a pick that makes the analysts happy. Cause they have to stick to their boards like I do mine. It makes everyone look good for the Lions to take Reiff. Kipper gets to praise the Lions. The Lions get good publicity. Everyone is happy. But are we as good a team as we could be today? I don't think so. We could be better.

6. Now there is one big caveat to this whole analysis. If for some reason our FO really truly likes a guard in the second round. Amini Silatolu or Brandon Brooks for example. And they think they can be almost as good as Decastro. Then I would understand why we wold be safe and pick a tackle that has the best shot at being a LT in the future. Though I still wonder if Martin might have a higher ceiling. Only time will tell.

7. We obviously wanted Dre or Gilmore above all else. Will we go with Trumain Johnson or Josh Robinson? Are they better than Amini Silatolu or Brandon Brooks? Who knows. We will find out.

8. Sorry for being a whiny little bitch when we didn't draft Decastro. Decastro, Josh Robinson, T.Y. hilton, and BPA DE or LB was my dream dream scenario that I didn't even have the balls to put on paper. It could have come true. Dang it All.

Sorry again for being annoying. It truly was something I never thought in my wildest dreams. David Decastro fell to us at 23......And we PASSED.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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